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A French SME seeks a European company in the embedded and traveller information systems field for acquisition agreement or join-venture.

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A French company specializes in the study, design and manufacturing of CRT and LCD screens, and working with urban and national transport companies looks for a joint-venture or an acquisition agreement from a European company in the same or complementary activities sector which wants to develop its business on the French market.

Offer description

The French company is a professional of video equipment for more than 25 years. It studies, manufactures and produces LCD and CRT screens. It develops monitors for embedded and industrials applications, medical equipment and public information display systems. The company designs and manufactures its products: video equipment (monitors), terminals, terminals and remote display. The company has different type of black and white monitors and colours monitors. The screens size ranging from 5 '' to 55 '. The company employs four people in charge of the R&D and four people in charge of the manufacturing : R&D studies on : - Printed circuit design : electrical CAO - Mechanical design : mechanical CAO Manufacturing workshop : - Soldering printed circuit : automatic welding - Assembly and wiring - Test The company already has a presence in foreign countries through the sale of its products, particularly in Morocco with over 1,500 units installed in 10 airports, but also in Belgium, Algeria and Russia (in the medicine field). The SME is looking for acquisition agreement from a European company or at least a joint-venture.

Innovations and advantages

The French company possesses an experience of almost thirty years in its sector. It has very goof knowledge of embedded material problems and their resolving. The company masters the technology and manufacturing (inserting, wiring, assembly but also the setting of the products). The company's strengths are: - An industrial park with an area of 2 000m². - Competitive advantages: responsiveness, flexibility, recognition from large SMEs. - More than 30 years of experience. A supply in France (components made in South Korea, Taiwan). The company stands out from its competitors in Germany, Italy and other countries through modular materials to after-sales service and customized products according to the specifications of the customer.

Current stage of development

The SME is working on a waterproof case for outdoor advertising.

Technology keywords

01001002 Digital Systems, Digital Representation
02009015 Audio / video
02009022 Security systems

Market application codes

02005001 Terminals
02005002 Intelligent terminals
03001008 Display panels

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Type of partner sought

This French SME is looking for European company in the same or complementary activity sector. The company wants to sign an acquisition agreement following an upcoming retirement of the CEO, to avoid losing the expertise of the SME. It wants to find a partnership with a European company for reasons of proximity. The partner will apply to bid call with existing products of the French company or with its own complementary products. The partner will be accompanied on a shorter or longer period. A joint venture may also be conceivable at first but will eventually become an acquisition. The partner must work in the same sector as the company. In order to buy the company, it should have more or less the same range of products or have a complementary range. At first, the partner will be accompanied before resuming full corporate responsibility. The partner sought must have to keep the company’s know-how protected for years and he is looking for develop the export activity.


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