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A French SME proposes expertize and services on physico-chemical properties measurement for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, petrochemical and agro-food industries

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A French SME offers services on physico-chemical measurement, in particular thermal analysis and calorimetry. The SME know-how and expertise can be used to help engineering teams to optimize industrial processes, support and accelerate projects during the R&D phase. Physico-chemical properties measurement is involved in many applications: chemistry, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, agro-food industry. The SME is looking for industrials, academics, for services agreement.

Offer description

A French SME offers a broad array of services in the field of experimental thermodynamics, in particular in calorimetry. It objective is to support its partners in their experimental procedures by deploying and implementing the skills, equipment and expertise required to measure physical-chemical quantities tailored to their needs. The available apparatuses provide access to a wide range of physical and chemical quantities used to address a broad spectrum of issues. The company possesses targeted expertise in the development of innovative techniques or protocols that provide solutions to specific issues (corrosive or toxic nature of the species under study, high temperatures and pressures, viscous fluids, etc.). It offers: a raft of services covering measurements, studies and development. Experimental devices can be deployed without delay so as to avoid impacting its clients' development schedule. For more specific needs involving the analysis or characterization of systems, the company offers more in-depth studies that may include the measurement of several properties under a range of thermodynamic conditions. Non-exhaustive list of physical-chemical properties measured: • Thermal analysis: heat capacities, thermal stabilities, phase transition • Calorimetry: reaction / excess/ solution enthalpies • PVT properties: densities, phase equilibria, solubilities • Transports properties: viscosities, diffusion, conductivities • etc. The company is looking for services agreement. The company conducts its measurements and R&D studies in an academic partner laboratory and pushes the limits of its instruments by adapting them to fit the issues its partners raise.

Innovations and advantages

MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT: the company develops its own measurement apparatus to fit partner requirements. It is supported in this exercise by its special partnership with the local Institute of Chemistry and its expertise in implementing innovative approaches to calorimetric. INNOVATIVE PROTOCOLS: it offers the measurement protocols that are most suited to partner’s needs. Research engineers regularly develop new measurement methods in response to specific requests. The team delivers these services through an effective research equipment base used to measure a wide range of physical and chemical variables used in industrial applications, and should be impossible to obtain via commercial equipment.

Technology keywords

05001001 Analytical Chemistry
09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods
09001003 Chemical material testing
09001010 Thermal material testing
09006002 Technical Standards

Market application codes

03007003 Other analytical and scientific instrumentation
04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
08001009 Speciality/performance materials: producers and fabricators
08001015 Other speciality materials

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The services proposed in the field of experimental thermodynamic can be deployed in a wide range of business sectors. Physical-chemical properties measurement is a cross-departmental discipline that is involved in many applications: chemistry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, petrochemical/gaz, agro-food industry. Partners (industrials, academics, research organizations, SME ) are sought for services agreement. The company offers its expertise to help engineering teams to optimize industrial processes, support, accelerate projects during the R&D phase and before placing on the market.


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