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A French producer of frozen stuffed snails and shellfishes is looking for delicatessen distributors.

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A French producer of frozen stuffed snails and stuffed shellfishes is looking for distributors specialized in delicatessen sector. The snails are born, raised and cooked in France and shellfishes are fished in the Channel and Celtics seas.

Offer description

A French SME, specialised in the transformation and commercialization of French stuffed snails and stuffed shellfishes (clams, dog cockles, warty venus), is looking for importers/distributors specialized in the fine food sector in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Created in 1992, the company became a key actor in the production of snails, from the breeder to the consumer. With a very flexible production tool, the company produces more than 30 tons of snails each year, in a classic shell or in “croquille”. “Croquille” is a bite appetizer made of salted ice cream cone’s pate. The SME proposes a range of fresh products (from September to Easter) and deep frozen products all year long for the pleasure of snails’ amateurs. The products are stuffed with the classic “Bourguignonne” recipe of the French gastronomy but also with innovative recipes that modernize the consumption of snails. All their recipes have been created with a chef, in order to have the best tasting quality. The company only works with “gros-gris” snails (helix aspersa maxima), from French breeders of the west of France. First cooked in a “court-bouillon” (without glutamate), the flesh is afterwards put back in the shell or in the “croquille”, and finally stuffed with their hand-made recipes. Each of their stuffing recipes is hand-made with fresh and local products. Butter, cream, camembert, garlic, shallot… are from Normandy. The stuffing recipes are guaranteed without preservative and colouring agent. The range of products is sold in different packaging. The most common is an individual plate of 12 snails with one of our 3 recipes in big or medium size. Another is a plastic basket of 36 snails (3 dozens) or 48 snails (4 dozens) with a “Bourguignonne” recipe, big or medium size. The company offers to professionals of catering raw flesh and flesh cooked in “court-bouillon” in big or medium size. Recently, a new range of products has been created: frozen stuffed shellfishes. clams (tapes rhomboides), warty venus (venus verrucosa) and dog cockles (glyceremis glyceremis) are fished in the channel and the celtics ceas, and then stuffed with a garlic butter. This range is also 100% French. The company’s goal is to offer the top of the classic French cuisine, with authenticity, quality products and innovative recipes. High quality is a standard for the company, that’s why in addition of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Poin) method, an independent laboratory makes random control each week. This external agent checks random samples of the production in order to bring an additional quality check. the SME is looking for importers / distributors in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Innovations and advantages

Nowadays, 35 000 tons of snails are consumed in France each year and only 800 to 1000 tons are provided by French snails breeders. To date, The company only works with French breeders from the west of France with whom we contributed to the creation of technical specifications concerning the breeding of “gros-gris” (helix aspersa maxima) snails. This enables to get a snail with a consistent high tasting quality, feed and raised outside. Their working tool complies with the European standards (approval FRXX XXX XXX CE) and works according to HACCP method (upstream/downstream traceability). Moreover, this production is controlled by independent laboratories which brings an additional quality control. All this certification enables the company to provide quality products, respecting the European and national standards. The company’s production answers the consumer expectations, namely local products, quality high-end and home-made. They are only prepared with fresh products and with superior-quality Normandy butter. Its know-how allows the real amateurs to appreciate the softness, the tenderness of the snails "as home-made” cooked. For example most of the highest chefs in Normandy and Paris are working with “gros-gris” snails. In order to comply with the market’s needs, the company developed innovative recipes. A recipe made of Normandy butter and 6 fresh herbs, and a recipe made of a Camembert cheese cream and parsley. Thanks to its innovative products (snails and shellfishes), the company has been rewarded by the “Trophées de l’agroalimentaire”, a French trophy rewarding products responding to 3 criteria: origin, quality and flavour.

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07004008 Other consumer products
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for a distributors able to maintain the high end image of the products and the company in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Delicatessen distributors, caterers and restaurant suppliers are the main target.


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