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A French platform offers studies and prototypes experimentation services to industrials, for heat treatment of waste and biomass through a service agreement.

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The French platform works on thermochemical processes applied to biomass. They propose studies and tries of waste/biomass heat treatment, realized in two scales of experiment. Hence, they can answer precisely to their clients needs and suggest them relevant solutions. The platform is looking for industrial clients willing to develop new waste/biomass treatment processes and integrate innovative concepts through a service agreement.

Offer description

The French platform, established in 2010, is dedicated to analysis, studies and specific developments for industrial applications in the area of recycling, waste treatment, biomass and environmental acceptability of the use of secondary raw. The business offer is about thermodynamical processes for new ressources and recycling of industrial waste. The development of thermochemical processes (desorption, combustion, pyrolysis and gasification) applied to the biomass and/or to the waste are promising as well for the production of new resources (material and energy) as for the depollution of waste. The implementation of these processes requires two stages: on the one hand, a characterization of the physical, chemical and thermochemical properties and on the other hand, the validation in the experimental scale. For that purpose, specific equipment are necessary. Their conception depends on the understanding of the various mechanisms involved as well as the rheological behavior of matrices during the heat treatment. The studies and the tries realized in these two scales of experiment allow to bring clear and precise answers with the aim of the industrialization of new types of recycling processes. To complete this approach, studies of smokes and residues (tars, ashes, etc.) could be realised, with the aim of their elimination or their valuation. Whatever is the type of waste/biomass, the French platform looks for the most adapted treatment process. The methodology is based on a physical-chemical or thermochemical characterization and various treatments on the scale of laboratory and the industrial scale. A parametrical study allows to define and to optimize the operating conditions of an industrial process by taking into account possibilities of material and/or energy valorisation. The experimental tries allow to analyze the conditions of acceptability and feasibility on the economic, environmental and societal plans. Some works realized by the platform are for example: - Thermal desorption of grounds and sediments polluted in the PCBs (polychlorobiphenyls, 99,9 % of rates of waste) - Heat treatment of cashew nut shells - Heat treatment of composite materials, of electrical and electronic equipment at the end of their life cycle (plastics, glass, aluminum, precious metals) - Gasification of adjuvanted wooden waste - Thermal desorption applied to sediments contaminated in Ecuador The plateform is offering specific developments of heat treatment of waste and biomass for industrial recycling process. The researchers work on this area for decades, and are able to study, develop and try new processes and validate the environmental constrainsts. The plateform is looking for services agreements to support clients in the technical development of innovative waste/biomass heat treatment.

Innovations and advantages

For the clients / partners : - The company can operate developments, and study on demand, with specific time constraints. The tests are custom made and adaptable. - Their work focus on eco-design/eco-conception and reuse of various characteristics of waste, and also on its environmental acceptability and the use of secondary raw materials. The offer relies on : * Scientific expertise: - Scientific and technical analysis of the industrial requests - Management of R&D projects in industry related to heat treatment of waste/biomass. - Normative, statutory, regulatory intelligence - Various services such as : organic-physico-chemical analytics, metrology and ecotoxicology * Experiment: - Conception and realization of specific pilots projects - Intervention on demonstrators and industrial sites - Analysis and interpretation of results - Sizing, conception, modelling * Support: - Research for industrial and academic partners - Engineering of projects - Assistance for technology transfer - In-service training on demand - Incubation support

Current stage of development

Platform dedicated to analyses, studies and specific developments for industrial applications on heat treatment of waste and biomass

Technology keywords

02003006 Prototypes, trials and pilot schemes
04005012 Waste to energy-other
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10003004 Recycling, Recovery
10003007 Waste to Energy / Resource

Market application codes

06003009 Biomass and Biofuels
08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related

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Area of partner's activity

Industrials (SME, mid-caps or large companies) with needs of: - adapting to specific regulations - developing new processes of recylcling - reusing waste and biomass (for energy production, new products development, cost reductions, etc.) Partners have to define their specifications, approve experimentations and studies, and finally try to integrate the selected solution(s) in their plant/factories/etc.


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