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A French manufacturer of valves designed to prevent overfill for liquid storage tanks is looking for distributors

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A French company specialized in the production of mechanical overfill prevention devices and other equipment for the safety storage of liquids in static tanks is looking for potential partners to distribute its products. The products are aimed to prevent any overflowing when tanks are being filled.

Offer description

During the filling and storage of liquids the challenge is to transfer the product in a tank without overflowing and no loss of product. The purpose of this “completely safe overflow prevention device” is to reduce environmental risks, water pollution risks and all fire or explosion risks that could arise while filling liquid petroleum fuel storage tanks. The different types of overfill prevention valves make them suitable with standard liquid petroleum fuels and a large number of chemical or aggressive liquids. The French company has developed a device to prevent overfill, with no risk of loss of product. The valve is designed to prevent the overflow of above ground or underground storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off of product delivery. The overfill prevention device is a mechanical safety device placed on the filling tube inside the liquid storage tank. Strongpoints of the system is that the product is fully metallic, total closure and completely free of seals. The valve lasts as long as the tank. The equipment proposed by the company is mainly used for filling station tanks, tanks in private and independent fuel storage facilities and the storage of differing liquids such as bio-fuels, oils, alcohols, solvents etc. The products are available in 3 different dimensions DN50, DN80, DN100 and can work with different temperatures from -25°C to +60°C. The maximum filling flow is 60m3/h (depending on model) and the maximum filling pressure is 8 bars (depending on model). The production of the overfill prevention device is divided into different models such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel but the operating principle remains the same in all cases. The company has an inspection office, and measurement tools calibrated and certified by independent external organizations. The French company is an expert in the field of valve to prevent overflows and has more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of valve systems. The company is looking for partners to distribute its products.

Innovations and advantages

The advantages of using the overfill prevention device proposed by the French company are : - It provides total closure and no flow restriction - It is fully metallic and completely free of seals - It has no wearing parts and does not require any maintenance - It functions in all situations : gravity or pump filling - It is easy to install : it fits under the manhole cover inside the tank - It is tested individually on a test rig to obtain a unique serial number The valves used are compliant with standard : - NF EN 13616 - Dutch standard : KIWA BRL – k 636 - Belgium standard : VLAREM II - ATEX Quality production - ATEX certification - Under project for UL and ULC approvals

Market application codes

06001005 Storage and transportation

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for partners which can help expand sales into new regions and countries. Type of partner sought: Industrial manufacturer of tank equipment. Specific area of activity of the partner: petroleum, para petroleum, chemical, industry, nuclear and many other sectors. The company is interested in cooperation with distributors of tanks equipment.


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