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A French cosmetic brand specialised in skin and hair care products for black, mat and cross skin types is looking for distributors and resellers throughout Europe

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The French cosmetic company develops skin and hair care premium products suitable for black, mat and cross skin types. The company offers a wide range of “Made in France” products: anti-blemish, anti-spot, unifying gels, hair boost shampoos…Such products are sold in health and beauty stores, in pharmacies and throughout specialised websites. The fast-growing company is willing to expand internationally and is seeking distribution and/or commercial agency agreements in Europe.

Offer description

This highly successful French company was established in 2010 by a woman passionate by cosmetics who has been working for 25 years for a laboratory specialized in cosmetics. The French company provides skin and hair care products for black, mat and cross skin types. Its main objective is to naturally sublimate the skin thanks to natural components combined with highly innovative processes such as the microencapsulation one. All the products offered are “Made in France” and the products range is large: from anti-blemish and anti-spot solutions, unifying gels and creams, peeling masks, exfoliating lotions to hair boost shampoos. The company is positioned in the premium market segment through its selection of resellers. After 5 years of development on its local market, the company is willing to expand its product portfolio (1 or 2 products per year) and to widen its distribution’s network. Thus, the company is looking for new resellers and distributors such as health and beauty stores, specialised websites in cosmetic products as well as pharmacies. The company is also looking for trade agents to represent its products. The brand is already present in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and some African country.

Innovations and advantages

The French company was created in 2010 and continues to grow thanks to high-quality and innovative products suitable for all dark skin types. The company develops different ranges of products using ultraviolet filters which protect the skin from sunlight and hyperpigmentation. The company offers two main product ranges (skin and hair) such as cleansing gel, exfoliating lotion, anti-blemish, anti-spot, unifying cream, mask peeling, hair boost shampoos developed by experts in dermocosmetics. Traceability is guaranteed for each ingredient. Moreover the company respects sustainable development and environmental rules thanks to a recycling system that reduces 45% of water consumption. Each product is clinically tested under dermatological control by certified agencies before being launched on the market. The company’s production units are certified ISO 90001 and it also benefits from certification standards for providing good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products. The company is in constant innovation process and some of its products contain a patented molecule developed by a research team; This molecule is able to strengthen the immune system, to protect the skin from external and internal agressions and to even the skin tone. The company also uses an innovative microencapsulation process to ensure the efficiency of its products. The brand is already present in Belgium, Luxembourg and some African countries through important resellers with premium customers.

Current stage of development

The brand is distributed in stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and some African countries.

Technology keywords

03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty
06001015 Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs

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07004002 Health and beauty aids
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for resellers and distributors such as health and beauty stores, specialised websites in cosmetic products as well as pharmacies throughout the Enterprise Europe Network. The company is also ready for deals with trade agents to represent its products.


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