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A French company specialized in the development of two-axis solar trackers is looking for sales partners with established network in the field of residential, commercial and/or industrial photovoltaic sectors

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A French company developed an innovative two-axis solar tracker that maximizes the profitability of both utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar fields and smaller scale projects, for self-consumption purposes for instance. The solar tracker has a relatively small size and its cost is reimbursed by the additional energy produced compared to fix photovoltaic. They are looking for PV distributors and commercial agent, project developers, operators, end users - industry, hotel companies.

Offer description

The French company developed an innovative solar tracker that has been tested for months on prototypes, with very successful results. The technology will be demonstrated with two pilot clients in France in the next months. They patented the innovative cinematics that makes possible to minimize the production, installation and maintenance costs of the solar trackers, and therefore make it profitable for any size of project. The “small-scale” solar tracker (10 to 26m2) is profitable for self-consumption projects as well as for utility scale projects. It is possible to install in on flat roofs. The solar tracker makes possible to increase the profitability of solar installations by up to 30% compared to traditional fixed PV (Photovoltaics) projects. The French company would like to find reliable and long term sales partners under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

- Innovative approach to the solar tracker topic: instead of developing solar trackers dedicated to utility-scale projects, that are only cost-efficient for huge surfaces of solar panels, they designed a “small-scale” solar tracker (10 to 26m2) that is profitable for self-consumption projects as well as for utility scale projects. - The small size of the tracker also makes it possible to install on flat roofs. - In countries such as Germany or Portugal for instance, the solar tracker increases the profitability of a photovoltaic self-consumption project by up to 30% compared to fix photovoltaic. The tracker allows to increase the PV production by up to 40%, while the cost of the photovoltaic produced KWh is not impacted because the cost of the tracker is reimbursed by the additional energy production.

Current stage of development

Four prototypes are running in France, 4 demonstrators will be installed by the end of the summer 2016.

Technology keywords

02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, ..)
04005004 Photovoltaics

Market application codes

06003001 Solar/thermal energy
06003002 Photovoltaic
06010001 Energy for private/domestic housing
06010002 Energy for the community/public sector
06010003 Energy for Industry

Intellectual property rights

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

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Area of partner's activity

They are looking for sales partners that are well known on their local market and that are interested to enlarge their product offer. They will have in charge the introduction and distribution of the French company’s product. PV distributors, photovoltaic project developers, operators of PV solutions might be interested in adding this solution to their portfolio, and end users might be interested in using it to maximize their profits (industry, hotel companies; …).


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