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A French company search for commercial agreements with partner agencies in HR, communication or marketing to provide collaborative creativity services for specific clients

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A French SME developed a web platform and network facilitating collaboration between experts in communication, marketing, HR and design, to answer the specific needs of a client. The platform helps building quality experts pools so that client companies do not limit to a single approach of creativity. They are looking for international experts, companies or platforms operating in communication, marketing or HR in order to reach services agreements to enlarge their experts pool.

Offer description

At the beginning, the French SME used to be an association which created the first international community opened to all arts, and promoted transversality through all creativity areas. It was a worldwide network of 23 countries and more than 50 volunteers. After 2013, they decided to evolve into a communication agency and from now on their principal goal is to gather experts (companies or physical persons) from different areas (HR, design, marketing, comunication, arts, etc.) to constitute pools and answer clients needs according to a bill of specifications via webplatform, a social network and meeting events. The French SME web-based platform allows to : - Match experts with new customers & with others experts from other areas, through collaborative projects about creativity or communication issues, according to the specific needs of a client. - Participate to networking events to enlarge experts communities and clientele : gather collaborative & creative communities of experts, artists, cultural stakeholders and clients. They want to improve their global network and to contact new agencies or persons that could become experts for their respective country at international level. They already linked communication experts, artists & companies on collaborative projects for famous multinational corporations from USA, Japan and Europe, and also SMEs from Europe. They hope to reach services agreements with potential partners such as HR, design, marketing and communication companies who from all countries within Enterprise Europe Network who would like to : - test the French SME platform and social network - become recommended experts in their respective areas and experiment collaborative work with different experts from other fields on clients specifications. - meet up and get in touch with creative communities from all around the world, and from many areas.

Innovations and advantages

Innovative business model for client companies, giving them the opportunity to work on creative collaboration projects with the help, support & competencies of recommended experts in HR, communication, marketing, design, arts, etc. Innovative business model for partner experts, as they can develop their skills through collaborative work with other experts from their area or from other fields of activity; and also, from different countries abroad. They can organise communities, meet-ups events or business meetings easily thanls to the webplatform and get some ad spaces, plus sell/download specific works.

Technology keywords

01005003 E-Publishing, Digital Content
01006012 Description Image/Video Computing
11008 Creative services
11009 Creative products

Market application codes

01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
09003002 Advertising and public relations

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Area of partner's activity

- communication, HR, design, marketing experts companies or persons wanting to join a professional & cross-cutting creativity network. The partners sought could reference their services and promote the French SME web platform in order to reach new clients. - SME, mid-caps & large industries with communication needs willing to find qualified international experts or talented artist from all around the world in order to improve their communication strategy or to cooperate on specific collaborative creation projects.


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