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A French company manufacturing innovative hybrid contact lenses is looking for distributors and subcontracting agreements.

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A French contact lens manufacturer offers hybrid lenses and blanks to manufacture contact lenses that meet high expectations of wearers. They combine the comfort of a soft lens and the visual acuity and crisp vision of a rigid lens.The hybrid lens is the first hybrid lens in hydrogel silicone with a bi- annual replacement basis. The company seeks distributors and subcontracting agreements.

Offer description

Created in 2000, a French contact lens manufacturer offers the most complete range of contact lenses (soft, rigid, scleral and hybrid) of the French market. The products are finished hybrid lenses and blanks to manufacture lenses that meet high expectations of wearers. The creation in 2010 of a R&D department has allowed the company to develop a patented manufacturing process of hybrid lenses. Hybrid contact lenses use next generation technology that combines both an RGP (rigid gas permeable) and silicone hydrogel material. Combining these two materials together allows the company to produce a lens that offers all the advantages and benefits of a RGP material for the central portion, plus the proven comfort by using a silicone hydrogel material for the soft skirt. The lenses offer : - The visual acuity and crisp vision of a rigid lens thanks to the RGP centre - High Dk (dielectric constant) material to ensure and maintain optimum corneal health - Great comfort thanks to the silicone hydrogel soft skirt - A simple fitting protocol and excellent centration even on difficult and irregular corneas - The control of spherical aberration thanks to a high-definition aspheric design - A UV filter that filters 99% of UV-A and 97% of UV-B, no micro-bubbles or 3/9 staining - No corneal erosion - A flexible wearing schedule enabling both daily and occasional wear - The benefits offered by these lenses both from the wearers’ and the practitioners’ points of view respond to real market needs A proven material : This lens is manufactured from worldwide renowned material. The contact lenses, manufactured from the blanks, were successfully introduced into the French market in 2012. Thousands of wearers each day already benefit from the comfort and visual acuity of those contact lenses. This number continues to grow. A patented technology : The double-patented technology underlying the polymeric suture that enables to assemble the RGP and soft materials is the result of 5 years of extensive R&D. The company seeks distribution services agreements to distribute the contact lenses. The SME is also interested in subcontracting agreements for partners willing to beneficiate from the SME's expertise.

Innovations and advantages

The values are: - A new concept in contact lenses using the latest technology. - The quality of the lenses available in different geometries including Bi-, Front-/Back-Toric and Multifocal. - The satisfaction of eye-care professionals and wearers. The company is member of the SYFFOC (the union of manufacturers and suppliers of optical contact) and member of the EFCLIN (European federation of the contact lens industry). The company’s laboratory is NF-EN-ISO 9001 and NF-EN-ISO 13 certified. It has modern manufacturing facilities.and has received awards for its innovation. The company is approved exporter by a customs authorisation.

Current stage of development

The company is already dealing with some distributors and laboratories partners.

Market application codes

05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors interested in innovative lenses. Distribution opportunities : The company offers distributors the possibility to represent and promote the finished lenses to their client base. The distribution program offers : - Close support of the SME team - Promotional and marketing support - Full educational support - The opportunity to represent a unique product that offers a profitable return on investment The company would be pleased to discuss further the exciting opportunities on offer by working with them. The SME is also interested in subcontracting agreements for partners such as laboratories willing to beneficiate from the SME's expertise. The targeted location is primarily worldwide except USA. Namely, the company already has partnerships within Europe, India, Africa.


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