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A French company is looking for sales representatives to distribute a software to organize and classify all information

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A French start-up proposes an organizational system for information and documents on secure web in SAAS (software as a service) mode. The software provides an extensive dossier environment for business and classification of all activity fields of any organization. It is easily manageable without prior computer knowledge, on a dedicated server, in a secure mode. The start-up is now looking for partners for distribution agreements.

Offer description

A French start-up company situated near Paris has developed an organizational system for information and documents with work-flow on secure web in SAAS mode. The software provides an extensive dossiers environment, container or context, providing services including document management and their meta-data, collaborative communication network, the definition of the organizations (roles and access rights) and the traceability of actions. As a generic, it can be used indifferently in HRIS (human resource information system), CRM (customer relation management), BPM (business process management), inventory, stocklists or list of the components, ERMS (electronic records management system) ... The software works in English and in French and can be easily adapted for a use with other languages. The software can meet the requirements of any organization, and it is easily manageable without prior computer knowledge. From two users up to several hundred users, a work-flow engine supports the defined organizations and allows the flow of the operational communication. Based on the web, it does not require any installations on the client's computer. From ranking to forms, the software provides the most common functions of an enhanced collaborative operating system. The system is accessible from anywhere on the web, on a dedicated server in secure mode. The software service can be used over a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer. The start-up is now looking for partners for distribution agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The system allows companies to define and control the various activities associated with a business process without paper work and also allows to achieve paperless office with the facility of having simultaneous access to the documents. The users benefit from information sharing processes and information exchange processes ; the process of acquiring information is unified throughout the entire software to enable everyone to work in a well-organized way and always in a contextual way. The systematization of the collaborative mode enables sharing-mastery and confidentiality in any circumstances without computer knowledge. Advantages: transparency and defined rights, peer to peer work definitions, saves time and money. The company offers an original software that is highly customizable. It meets the requirements of any organization and has the ability to be 100% multilingual. In addition, it frames the good practice for quality system and records management. Only accessible from a browser, no installation or plugging on the client computer is required. The innovative software adjusts and formalizes the organization of work in a company, and it is simple and intuitive to use. In France, key accounts like the public transport operators need it for the organization of engineering and support for their quality system. The national center for scientific research uses it for the coordination and management of the drafting-validity, approval of the study documents elaborated by the LAL (linear accelerator laboratory). The software, with a much less cost than various ERP (enterprise resource planning software) solutions, allows better control, security and understanding of all the information necessary to the functioning of the organization and a controlled and transparent sharing of responsibilities (supply chain).

Technology keywords

01003002 Archivistics/Documentation/Technical Documentation
01003006 Computer Software
02003005 Information processing & Systems, Workflow

Market application codes

02006007 Databases and on-line information services
02007001 Systems software

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Type of partner sought

The targeted companies are SMEs or SMIs, key accounts, public services, any constituted group that needs to share or interact with information. The company is looking for partners with the ability to argue on the organization of corporate information system consulting, information providers, consultants, etc. The SME is looking for distributors or agents who already know the software and able to give technical support.


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