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A French company is looking for distributors/commercial agents of innovative cosmetic ingredients

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A French company is a major actor in cosmetic field and specialized in the development and production of new ingredients of high quality cosmetics. The company offers two new ingredients for the cosmetic industry that it has developed and patented, GPS system and Protect-control that can be used in skin care and hair care. The company is looking for distributors / commercial agents in several countries (northern and eastern Europe, South America, Mediterranean countries).

Offer description

The company develops and produces innovative ingredients for cosmetic industry (skin care, hair care, suncare, body care). The French company, an actor committed to research for the last 20 years and a specialist in breakthrough innovations relevant to the epithelia, has a global vision that accelerates its creative processes. As a research centre for ingredients used by the epithelial industry (skin, hair, oral cavity, digestive system, …), faced with the reality of the market and its customers’ discernment, the company analyses, interprets and integrates the data, thereby ensuring improved management of the issues at hand. With its double-figure growth, its strong potential for development, and a high annual number of patents filed, the company is a recognised actor in the field of research, and a recognised specialist in the science of the epithelia. The company offers two new ingredients for the cosmetic industry that it has developed and patented : -GPS system: The GPS system guides molecules to various deep skin levels for a mastered toxicity and a strengthened efficiency. This functional ingredient has application in skin care (suncare, antiaging cream, protection cream, whitening cream…) and hair care (shampoo, straightener, conditioner etc.). -Protect-control, a booster of UV filters. Protect-control with a large spectrum of protection which covers both UVB and UVA in the respective proportions of 2/3 and 1/3, multiplies by 4 the photo-protective activity of the chemical or mineral filters.Protect-control is specifically designed for suncare product and daily cream claiming a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) protection. The company is looking for new long-term foreign distribution and commercial agency agreements to distribute their pro-beauty and cosmetics products. The products are aimed at a medium/high target and the preferred distributing points are pharmacies, wellness centres/SPA, cosmetic stores (perfumeries, beauty shop...). Desired partners are distributors or local agents in Europe and beyond (Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, India, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Russia, North Africa) who are active in the field of cosmetics and beauty industry. Experienced cosmetics distributors and commercial agents will be preferred.

Innovations and advantages

The knowledge acquired in the field of epitheliums since 20 years makes the company a major player, and an undisputed expert in the cosmetic and capillary domains, for which it has won several prizes of innovation. The enterprise already works with several distributors which appreciate their collaboration for different reasons: - the enteprise has two innovative products patented: GPS system to drive molecules into different skin layers and Protect-control, a booster of SPF. - it is able to develop specific ingredients to satisfy specific needs of their customers. - it gives a true support to its distributors (documents, samples, training, etc.)

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Preferred countries

Argentina, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, India, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Tunisia

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: the enterprise looks for distributors / commercial agents able to promote its innovative products having a knowledge in the cosmetic industry. A distributor with laboratory of formulation could be interesting. Role of the partner: promotion and sales of the company's products. The company will provide technical support including MSDS, COA, Technical sheet, samples, training, possible support during customers visit.


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