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A Dutch supplier of oils, lubricants, greases and cleaners is looking for distributers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East.

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A Dutch supplier of oils, lubricants, greases and cleaners for applications in vehicles and industry sells the products under their own brand. Research and development in their own laboratory improves lubricant formulations and results in creative solutions for their customers. Excellent technical advice and after sales support are offered. To extend the network of distributors, the company is looking for partners interested in cooperation within the frame of a distribution service agreement.

Offer description

The young Dutch company provides high quality automotive and industrial oils, lubricants and greases manufactured for today’s Business-to- Business and Business-to-Consumer markets. All products are delivered under the company brand name. The factory has a fully equipped ISO 2001 certified laboratory and a lot of special equipment to analyse new lubricant blends, fuel samples and used lubricant for third parties. The factory is set for the production of large quantities at the same time. Besides production the company also provides support for the transportation of the products to the customers. This transportation goes by shipping containers, tankers or by road. Lubricants The lubricant product range is developed and produced by specialists from a wide variety of base oils and additives to meet latest lubricants specifications and approvals of OEM‘s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and EB‘s (Equipment Builders) engineering recommendations. The extensive range of high quality oils provide cleaner running engines, better fuel economy, lower maintenance costs and longer equipment life. The current production capacity is over 130.000 tons finished lubricants per year. The main plant is located near a large sea port with a large storage capacity for base oils and storage tanks for the finished products and additives Greases The company is a leading lubricating grease supplier of products from Sweden, the Netherlands, France and the USA. The production capacity of various lubricating greases is over 30.000 tons per year and based on more than 200 different products formulations. These products have been designed to meet consumer requirements in a wide range of different applications in many different industries. Chemicals The company supplies antifreezes and coolants with approvals from OEMs as well as economy grade products without approvals. Products can be supplied in bulk (auto cistern, flexi tanks), but also filled in bottles from 1L to 1000 L bulk containers at the plant. A complete and up-to-date list with all approvals is available on request. Cleaners The cleaners are produced by a supplier since 1879. There are three main groups of cleaning products: - Hand Cleaning products - Industrial Cleaning products - Transport Cleaning products Aerosols and Sprays The technical aerosols are used for air conditioning, sanitary ware, vehicles, various industries, construction, the forestry sector and services. The company offers more than 150 various aerosol spray products produced in Germany. They are presented in different forms of packaging depending on use. The company prefers to supply a complete range of products to a limited number of customers. So they would like to have one main distributor per country. The company already has 20 distributors over Europe and Asia but is still looking for distributors in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East to complete the network to reach the local markets. The company prefers cooperation within the frame of a distribution service agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers their distributors: - High end products for their specific markets that are regularly tested and approved by many Original Equipment Manufacturers and Equipment Builders - Personalized sales and marketing support - Advanced lubricant formulations and creative solutions as a result of continuously research and development in their own laboratory Excellent technical and after sales support: - Technical support service- like oil sampling services to monitor the condition of engine oil- accessible to all customers - Transportation support to all customers for carrying products by bulk or packed goods in sea-going containers, flexi-tanks or road trucks.

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03004006 Organic Substances
03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates

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08001014 Lubricants and functional fluids
08001017 Industrial chemicals
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
09003001 Engineering services

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Area of partner's activity

The goal of the company is to offer quality products and a service level according a high European standard on a Worldwide scale. Therefor the company is looking for experienced and highly motivated distributors who can provide the best local service.


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