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A Dutch SME specialized in bar supplies including glass cleaning systems for the hospitality industry is looking for commercial agency agreements with sales representatives

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A Dutch SME is developing and manufacturing bar supplies for the hospitality industry. A main product is a fast and smart sensor based glass cleaning system suitable for a large variety of glasses without soap remaining on the glasses and damaging wrists. The Dutch SME looks for commercial agency agreements with sales representatives in the wholesale of products for the hospitality industry.

Offer description

A Dutch SME is a provider of bar supplies for the hospitality industry. Products are offered to the market via international fairs, by selling to wholesale representatives or directly to end users. One of the main products is a glass cleaning system. The sensor based glass cleaning system is fast and time saving, sustainable, suitable for a large variety of glasses, has a smart dosing system for soap preventing soap to remain on the glasses and is not damaging wrists. Lipstick is easily removed without any problem from both the inside and outside of the glasses. In summary the glass cleaning system has following characteristics: Sustainable, ergonomic and time-saving: One second in the patented glass cleaning systems is equivalent to 50 up and down movements of the hand. Herewith time-savings of 70 to 80 percent can be reached. One wrist movement in stead of 50 movements prevents repetitive strain injury (RSI). A relatively slow start of the counter rotating brushes ensures that the brushes do not wear out quickly. Easy to clean, environmental compatibility and hygiene: The cleaning system itself is easy to clean from both the inside and outside. Instructions are included. To clean the brushes they can be removed by a click system. This will prevent polluted water in the sink. The system is the first system with full automatic integrated Ozone cleaning. By means of adding a small dosage of Ozone to the sink, there will be less beer mucus and bacterial growth will not pollute the brushes quickly. The system is equipped with a water control/injection system. Herewith 70% water savings can be realized. The system uses minimal soap and water in combination with a full automatic start- and stop system. The environmental impact is minimal. The Dutch SME looks for commercial agency agreements with sales representatives in the wholesale of supplies for the hospitality industry. For the wholesaler it is important to have sales capacity, access to desired networks in the hospitality industry and the eagerness to develop these markets in their region. Aftermarket products like the brushes and soap are part of the business. The Dutch SME gives all needed support for a fast market development (documentation, fast logistics, instructions, knowledge).

Innovations and advantages

The Dutch SME is continuously focusing on innovation and has more than 30 years’ experience in the market. So far no other highly automated, user friendly and sustainable competitive cleaning products have been observed in the market. The international customers of the Dutch SME are obtained as a result of the participation in international fairs for the hospitality industry. The advantages and Innovations of the speedy glass cleaner are: • Rinse both inside and outside of your glasses extra fast by counter rotating brushes. • Cleaning starts by means of a sensor. • Clean within two seconds. • No damage to your wrists. • The brushes spin with a speed of 250 revolutions per minute. • A much higher density of the brushes. • The brushes stop spinning automatically. • The wear of the brushes is very low due to the change of the rotation direction after each restart and the high density of the brush bristles. • A unique soap dosing system. No soap remains on the glasses, a big difference with standard soap. • Suitable for all kind of glasses. • The brushes and other components are easy to clean. • Plug and play change of the brushes. For sales representatives / distributors it is good to know that there is an aftermarket for the brushes and the non foaming soap.

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08001001 Drink Technology
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07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07005002 Other restaurants
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09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)-Procedure is followed. The patent is granted but the further country selection will be done coming year. All major markets will be selected for protection: United States of America, big countries in Europe, ...

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: Sales representative Field of activity partner: The sales representative is likely to be a wholesaler that has access to the regional and/or national hospitality industry. The role of the partner: For the wholesaler it is important to have sales capacity and the eagerness to develop the hospitality markets in their region. Also it is desired that the partner performs aftermarket activities (for the brushes and the soap). The Dutch SME looks for commercial agency agreements with the wholesaler and gives all needed support for a fast market development (documentation, fast logistics).


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