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A Czech producer and supplier of disposable healthcare products is offering manufacturing cooperation and is also looking for new distributors

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The Czech company is a manufacturer and a supplier of disposable healthcare products and ready-made clothing for healthcare sector. Currently the major part of the company’s programme consists of manufacturing of surgical drapes. The company wants to supply them under manufacturing agreement according to the partnerˈs specific requirements and at the same time it is looking for new distributors of all products included in its production programme.

Offer description

This Czech company acts as a manufacturer and supplier of healthcare ware and ready-made clothing; especially focused on disposable healthcare products. The offer of healthcare products includes surgical sets, operation drapes, surgical gowns, hats, surgical masks and supplementary items that facilitate the process of draping the patient and help eliminate the risk of nosocomial infections at the site of surgical intervention. The collection of ready-made clothing consists of shirts, trousers, skirts, shorts, dresses, coats, aprons, blouses, jackets, overalls, hats, protective clothing, high-visibility clothing and footwear. There is a detailed company's catalogue of all products in different languages available upon request. This company is experienced in international cooperation and offers both standard and customized production. Since they want to expand to further territories, they are currently looking for new business partners to work for them under manufacturing agreement. The representatives of the Czech company are also looking for partners who are interested in the above proposed products and would like to become the distributors in their regions.

Innovations and advantages

• Multifunctional automatic line for the production of surgical drapes as well as folding machine (detailed information in the field "Technical Specification") • Individualised communication and co-operation with the customers • Optimising the cost benefits of solutions by using healthcare resources in the form of custom-ready sets for patients • Flexible deliveries • Experienced in production of materials for healthcare sector and therefore familiar with hygiene requirements during the production process • Experienced in the international trade

Technology keywords

02007018 Advanced Textile Materials

Market application codes

05007001 Disposable products
05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should be a company from medical or healthcare sector looking for the manufacturer/supplier or provider of ready-made clothing or disposable healthcare products, especially the surgical drapes. The Czech company would act under manufacturing agreement. The company is also looking for distributors: wholesalers, retail chains, pharmacies, spa and balneo-therapeutic institutions, specialised e-shops or other trade companies in touch with mobile emergency services, social services facilities and hospitals which might be interested in the disposable healthcare products and ready-made clothing. Company is equipped with the custom made multifunctional automatic line for the production of various surgical drapes, such as incise drapes, adhesive drapes, fenestrated drapes, split drapes, extremity drapes with elastic cuff etc. Parameters of equipment and drapes: width of non-woven fabric: 40 - 240 cm maximum length of drape: 365 cm aperture sizes: 2 x 2 cm - 60 x 60 cm cut dimension of split drapes: max. 30 x 130 cm number of apertures: max. 4 / drape width of adhesion: 2,5 - 28 cm width of incision film: 20 - 50 cm width of elastic cuff: 20 - 30 cm number of apertures in elastic cuff/incision film: 1


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