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A Cypriot manufacturer of organic food products is seeking trade intermediary services.

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A Cypriot company specialized in the manufacture and retail of organic herbal teas and supplements, organic herbs and spices is looking for agents and/or distributors aiming the representation and distribution of its products in Europe and beyond. It is also interested in manufacturing private label products for other companies.

Offer description

The Cypriot company, which was established in 2005, is specialized in the manufacture and retail of organic herbal teas and supplements, organic herbs and spices. The company mainly activates in import and export of food. Products of the company are: Cyprus herbal tea, rice, legumes, sugar, pulses, spices and seasonings, herbs, herb infusions, organic confectionery products, as well as food for birds. The company has a strong position within the Cypriot food market and has a growing reputation on the quality of its products. One of the main concerns of the company is the guarantee of the fine quality and hygiene of the products in order to respect the needs of modern consumers. Hence, the company is certified with international certificates (HACCP, ISO 22000). The company is open to serious offers for collaboration from various kinds of shops and businesses to represent its products in their area. The company provides the best possible service, as well as great terms of cooperation for the smooth functioning of its agreement. The company has also a worldwide network of partners from which it imports top quality raw materials. The Cypriot company is looking for agents and distributors in order to represent and sell its organic products across Europe and beyond. The agents will act as representatives of the Cypriot company and earn commissions on the sale of goods and services to the end clients. The distributors will buy products from the Cypriot company and then resell them with a profit margin. Private label products are manufactured by a contract offering to potential partners control over product’s pricing, size, package design and production.

Innovations and advantages

The company has an excellent knowledge and ten years of experience in the manufacture and retail of organic food. Its products are imported all over the world and accredited with high quality assurance of HACCP and ISO 22000. Moreover, the products are screened by carefully designed analysis program. The company offers top quality products at very low and competitive prices. Large quantities are also supplied from the domestic market. Further, the company gives the opportunity to customers to choose between its brand and private label packaging products. Private label products offered to international and domestic market for all its product range. The company has already engaged in trans-national co-operation.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The potential partner should be a reliable trading company, or a retail shop, or a chain of supermarkets that have expertise, excellent knowledge and experience in the distribution of health food products. It should have a good clientele and an excellent distribution network. It should also have to comply with payment terms and agreement but also with international food standards and International organic standards.


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