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A Croatian producer of therapeutic textile products made of materials with thermoregulation and oxygen release properties seeks distributors or agents/representatives

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A Croatian company specialized in the medical therapeutic products has developed a set of textile products with thermoregulation and oxygen release properties using Celliant yarn. The developed garments may enhance blood circulation and oxygen level in tissues up to 29%. They are made of natural textiles with using of infrared technology. The developers are looking for partners interested in commercial or distribution agreement in order to expand its business in new foreign markets.

Offer description

The Croatian company has experience in creating various types of the medical therapeutic program on a natural basis. The company developed a therapeutic program, using a Celliant yarn and technologically that is one of the most advanced on the market regarding blood circulation and oxygen release in tissue. Celliant products are made of special technologicaly treated yarn which helps to convert the body temperature into an infrared light and thereby converts the energy that is otherwise lost, to the re-usable source of energy which releases the oxygen in the body, increases circulation and improves the general state of the organism. Celliant yarn is made with microscopic particles of photosensitive minerals that are woven or inserted into the fibre and fibre products by nanotechnology. Products are made with a modified optical fibre which reflects the light energy to the skin and thus relax the capillaries in the skin and the subcutaneous tissue and accelerate the blood circulation and the oxygen transfer. This process has long term effect and does not cause any side effects. Products are made of Celliant yarn in combination with different materials (wool, cotton, silver). It is clinically proven that Celliant made products stimulate blood circulation, increases the volume of oxygen in the blood and tissue up to 29 %, and regulates the body temperature. Other effects of the therapeutics products depends on the type of product and are listed below: Therapeutic gloves They raise the volume of oxygen in the subcutaneous tissue and can reduce pain in the hands and wrists affected with arthritis. They may help the people with a healing wounds, including some forms of dermatitis. The gloves are designed for people with a skin problems (dermatitis, healing of ulcers). Due to the characteristics of cotton, it is recommended also to wear it during sleep. Another variant of the gloves (merino wool) is intended for the people who have problems with arthritis, rheumatism and joints. The third version (whole gloves made of Celliant yarn) is intended for recovery of the most severe skin problems (heavier burns) and for accelerating recovery (faster entry of oxygen through the skin, quicker restoration of the skin's barrier). Therapeutic socks The secondary effects of the functional accessories such as merino wool may further regulate the body temperature. The addition of a silver enhances the antibacterial activity. The socks can also prevent the occurrence of a diabetic foot. Depending on the raw material, the socks are adjusted for the people who have problems with arthritis and rheumatism, diabetics, people who are in the post-operative procedures, hunters, skiers, mountain rescue service, fire-fighters, hikers, persons who are working in the extreme weather conditions, people with problems in the peripheral circulation, people with venous insufficiency (ulcer) and varicose, people in post-operative procedure of venous disease, pregnant women, athletes, recreational athletes. Therapeutic waistband The waistband may reduce the pain in the lower back. Also, it helps people with kidney problems. Due to the increase of the oxygen volume and stimulation of the micro circulation, the function of the kidneys under pressure can be performed much more easily than before. The waistband is designed for the people with problems in the lower back (sciatica, lumbago, discus hernia), renal patients (dialysis, transplantation), as well as people who have problems with hips, dysmenorrhoea and/or with limited mobility. Therapeutic sleeping mask Since the body has a recovery period during the night (restoring muscle and motor functions, protein synthesis), secondary effects can enable easier sleep, reduce headaches, sinus problems and rest tired eyes. Via distribution services or commercial agency agreement the company seeks partners for further dissemination of their products.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantage of the products with Celliant yarn is stimulation of blood circulation and regulation of body temperature. It is clinically proven that Celliant increases the volume of oxygen in the blood and tissues up to 29 %. Results of therapy with Celliant made products may be the reduction of pain, cramps and tingling, rapid recovery in healing of sores on the skin, etc. Products made of Celliant yarn can help people with specific health problems. For example, the therapeutic socks are for the people with diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis or for the extreme outdoor conditions (hunters, mountain rescue services, skiers) and the therapeutic gloves are for the people with skin problems and/or for the people with arthritis and psoriasis. Also, the company is offering a sleeping topper, the cushions for wheelchair users, the seating cushions and the cushions for haemorrhoids. Company is not only realizing production of the therapeutic textile products, but also is closely working with medical personnel, diabetic associations and rehabilitation institutions. Company has experience using the infrared technology in textile production and has strong position on Croatian and Slovenian market, but also wants to expand on EU, USA, Australian and Asian market.

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03005007 Textile fibres
06001011 Heart and blood circulation illnesses
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11007 Sports and Leisure

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05007007 Other medical/health related (not elsewhere classified)
09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: distributors of therapeutic supplies, long term distributors connected with end users: diabetics, elderly and disabled users, medical associations. Specific area of activity of the partner: healthcare or textile sector Task to be performed by the partner sought: Partner will resale products under distribution services agreements or promote and sale under commercial agency agreement.


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