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А Bulgarian manufacturer, specialized in face, body and hair care cosmetic lines offers its products

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The Bulgarian company, also dealing as galenic laboratory, manufactures and offers quality hair and body care cosmetic products, formulated and developed in its own lab by specialists with significant experience in the health care sphere. Its willing is to contract a long-term distribution agreement with distributors of cosmetics.

Offer description

The company was established in 2003 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and started its activity as a galenia laboratory, where different types of alcohol-water solutions of substances were produced and packed in various weights. In 2005 the company gained an authorization from The Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA) for production of pharmaceuticals in conformity with the requirements of the GMP standards. A year later the company started the production of food supplements under its own trade mark. Nowadays the company is a producer of high class cosmetic products, which are parted in two series – Hair care and Body care. The manufacture is organized in conformity with the requirements of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards for production of cosmetic products. The company is not offering an endless list of items but every each of them is carefully formulated with clearly determined characteristics. In Bulgaria the company’s products are sold mostly in pharmacies and beauty parlors. The Hair care series includes more than 15 products with different purpose and effect, divided into several groups – shampoos, conditioners, sprays, serums and masks. In the Body care series are included day and night creams for face and body, shower gels, exfoliating and anti aging creams, deodorants and perfumes. The company aims at contracting of distribution agreement with experienced in the branch partner who will be able to attract its customers’ attention on the advantages of the offered products.

Innovations and advantages

The experience of the company as a galenia laboratory was successfully implemented in the production of cosmetics, combining the benefits of science and nature. The high requirements towards the formulation of medicines are also applied in the production of the cosmetic products, which guarantees excellent safety when applied on the human hair and skin. For the production of the articles are used specially selected natural ingredients from one of the best and world known companies: BASF, Croda, Gattefosse, DSM, Mane, Cognis, etc. The production processes comply with the GMP requirements in the cosmetic industry. All the items are tested by a dermatologist and have safety certificates. Therefore, the company is not afraid to stand behind each product and to take responsibility for its quality. Alongside with the production of affirmed on the market products, in the lab of the company are tested new formulas, leading to a permanent supplementation of the company’s product list with innovative items.

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Type of partner sought

The company aims at contracting of distribution agreement with distributors of cosmetics, supplying with such products hotels, spa centers, pharmacies, beauty parlors and stores for general trading. The potential partner is expected to promote the company’s products, stressing on their advantages – formulated by a qualified own staff with experience in the health care, prepared with quality ingredients from world known manufacturers, tested and certified by a dermatologist and produced in compliance with the GMP in the cosmetic industry.


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