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A British company with European licences for a unique land drainage product made of recycled thermoplastic seeks commercial agents and distributors

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A new UK-based supplier of a 100% recycled thermoplastic drainage product for surface and subsurface water management is looking for agents and distributors. The product is manufactured from mixed polymer thermoplastics and will lend itself to many markets such as civil infrastructure, landscaping, walkways, sport & leisure and any others that require the management of water, from flood diversion to assisting water to reach existing drainage systems.

Offer description

A British startup provides a tried and tested unique solution for land drainage, ground stabilisation, green infrastructure and filtration solutions that is proven to be technically superior to traditional systems. Made from 100% recycled thermoplastics that would otherwise go to landfill, the products are permanent and environmentally friendly solutions. They do not clog, are easy to install, require little to no maintenance and are of very high strength. The unique macro-porous structure allows rapid percolation of excess water into and along the material while simultaneously absorbing and retaining valuable water reservoirs. The high constant flow rate is maintained by up to 50% through open pore spacing of the void matrix, combating compaction, settlement and infiltration failure. The product can be used within a wide range of industries, such as civil infrastructure, landscaping, walkways, sport & leisure and transportation. It has already seen uptake in the USA within the oil & gas industry, solar parks and for the purpose of stabilising banks on rivers, lakes and areas prone to landslides. The product’s high-void structure allows for a drainage capacity and structural stability greater than stone or pipe. Fast and easy to install it uses advanced capillary action to redirect storm water in any direction, without clogging. When installed either vertically or horizontally, there is no need to connect the product as the water moves from one part of the system to the next through the material’s capillaries. Extremely versatile, the product can retrofit traditional drainage systems by connecting with the product's transition box. The company already has partners in the UK and is now open to new commercial partnerships in the EU with distributors and commercial agents already operating in the sectors of agriculture, gardening, landscaping or reforestation that are looking to add new products to their portfolio.

Innovations and advantages

- 75% lighter than aggregate drainage medium - Lightweight, easy to handle and transport - Fast and simple installation with minimal disruption to the property - 50% reduced excavation and rapid reinstatement of surface - Reduced construction costs with significant reduction in labour costs - Environmentally friendly - Made of 100% recycled materials - Prevents hillside erosion - Cost effective, permanent drainage solution - Does not clog or accumulate silt. No settlement or migration - Durable enough to withstand heavy equipment and still maintain flow - Requires no additional materials such as sand, stone or geo-textiles

Current stage of development

The product has already seen massive acceptance in the USA within the oil & gas industry, solar parks and for its ability to stabilise land banks.

Technology keywords

07001005 Horticulture
10004005 Rain Water
10004011 Flood Management
10004013 Underground infrastructure

Market application codes

08004004 Other pollution and recycling related
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09007003 Distribution of building products and systems

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for agents or distributors in Europe that have strong connections to the civil infrastructure, landscaping, walkways, sport & leisure, transportation and/or oil & gas industries. It seeks agents or distributors that have an existing client base that is practiced in the installation of ground drainage solutions. The ideal partner(s) will have an established sales team that can add value to its own clients through the introduction of a new dynamic and innovative drainage medium. The company expects commercial agency and distribution agreements with EU-based SMEs.


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