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A Brazilian industry manufacturer of perfumes and professional hair cosmetics is looking for commercial partners and distributors worldwide.

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A Brazilian industry situated in Fortaleza, specialized in manufacturing perfumes and professional hair cosmetics (shampoos, hair conditioners, moisturizing masks) is looking for commercial partners and distributors worldwide. The company produces a wide range of products using natural ingredients and is in the process to enlarge its product line through developing new products with the assistance of a local technological institute.

Offer description

The company is a family owned business operating in the Brazilian market for about 19 years. The company ideology is to constantly seek "new" beauty concepts involving body image to spiritual harmony. The imminent need to treat hair and skin in a region with adverse conditions was identified and the challenge met with great dedication and now the brand is consolidated and recognized by beauty professionals and by consumers. The factory, located in the state of Ceará, follows a bold production project with particular characteristics. The company has a competitive advantage in high value: manufactures its own products, a condition that gives autonomy and permanent assurance of the quality. In addition, the company has a Beauty Center CCT (Commercial and Technical Center), located in Fortaleza, for technical training, for its distributors and professionals. The factory now has two market units: the professional, with more than 150 products sold through authorized distributors who take the products for professional hairstylist and the retail market, with more than 60 products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets shelves. Nowadays the company works with the most modern technology in Formulation and Manufacturing of cosmetics and perfumes, importing its raw materials. These differences account for the success of the brand in Brazil and in other countries. To facilitate its access into the international market the company is looking to establish: - Distribution agreement in order to distribute its product to a large number of drugstores, department store, specialized stores and such; - Commercial agreement in order to sell its products to the foreign market

Innovations and advantages

- The company is a recognized brand and has been in the Brazilian market since 1997 - The company already exports to the Caribbean Islands. - All products are 100% made in Brazil, following strict quality control standards. - All products are paraben and formol free. - Cruelty-free cosmetics (not tested on animal). - All products come with self-explained catalogues for easy comprehension of the mode of use. - There are collections exclusive for a professional hairstylist, because requires expertise to achieve the whole efficiency of the treatment. - There are collections destined to maintain the treatment and can be applied at home by the customer. - The collection of perfumes is amply accepted in the market.

Current stage of development

Anticipating market needs, the company maintains a professional team specialized in natural cosmetics technology to oversee the launch of every new product and has started to use nanotechnology to achieve increasingly better and immediate results in manufacturing its products.

Technology keywords

03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty

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07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Area of partner's activity

The Brazilian company is looking for importers, distributors, wholesalers specialized in cosmetics to work under a distribution agreements contract (i.e. commercial partners who will buy and sell its products on their respective markets). The commercial partners should be well introduced to the following points of sales: shops and supermarkets, fair trade shops, spas and beauty shops, hygiene products shop. The commercial partners will have to implement the brand, to build up the products’ image on their respective markets, and to introduce the products to the targeted points of sales. Ideally, the distributors must have a significant sales force and be able to support the marketing and promotion of the products on their respective markets: participation in trade fairs, promotional campaigns, demonstration. The distributor can have a retail website in order to commercialize the products online.


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