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A Belgian manufacurers of a unique and patented breastfeeding bra and clothes seeks distributors, agents or license takers

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A Belgian company designs and sells unique, patented breastfeeding bras and breastfeeding/pregnancy clothes. They are looking to find distributors, agents and/or licence takers for its products.

Offer description

The Belgian company designs and sells unique, patented breastfeeding bras and pregnancy/breastfeeding clothing. What started as an idea in 2007, received general knowledge through a bbroadcast on Belgian television. As a result of this publicity, the company won various awards with their innovative ideas they used in the creation of a breastfeeding bra. Today they have an extensive collection of breastfeeding lingerie and clothes and their products are already available in over 300 points of sale in 10 countries. At this moment, 1 of every 5 Belgian mothers wears the bra. However, they are now ready for the next step and are looking to find new partners in the whole of Europe and the US. The partners they are looking for can be: - A distributor - An agent - A licence taker for their brand of bras and/or clothes. The partners should be active in the sector of baby material, maternity clothing or lingerie. Another sector that they see as interesting are large pharmacy chains and/or luxury warehouse chains. They are searching for a reliable partner with already a strong portfolio of other products from middle to higher price level. The partner should have already some experience on this particular market.The company is searching for a long term cooperation.

Innovations and advantages

BRAS 1. Discreet feeding It is the only breastfeeding bra in the world allowing discreet feeding. This means one is at ease wherever and with whomever. 2. Less risk for cracked nipples and stripes thanks to powernet special shaped underwire. The underwire was especially designed for the feeding breast. Thanks to the curved form, the underwire does not put pressure on the milk channels and there is always sufficient space when the breast fills with milk. Helps preventing cracked nipples The inner bra with powernet keeps the breast in place, even during feeding. This always keeps the nipple in the correct position meaning that baby can ‘latch on’ easier. This helps preventing cracked nipples. No need to support the breast continuously anymore with hands or other attributes, which makes breastfeeding in public or during visits far more comfortable. Less risk for stripes Moreover, because of the permanent support, the skin suffers less under the weigh-down, meaning that there is far less risk for stripes. 3. Stylish breastfeeding Slimmer silhouette Because the breasts are well supported, women look slimmer. The performed outer cup camouflages nipples and breast compresses, meaning that one can perfectly wear this bra under tight clothing. No more high triangles, ideal to wear under tops and low-cut dresses. Nobody will notice that one wears a breastfeeding bra. This means that working and extracting are not a problem anymore. 4. Hands free expressing The breast pump fits between the flaps of the inner cup and remains in place, meaning that there is no need for extra auxiliaries and that one can express hands free. CLOTHES: 1. Ingenious opening system Dual opening system compatible with the breastfeeding bra; can also be used with a classic feeding bra. 2. Ingenious system remembers which side to feed from Intelligent system for closing the fold remembers whether feeding left or right.

Market application codes

07002001 Drug stores
07002002 Clothing and shoe stores
07002005 Other retailing
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004002 Health and beauty aids

Intellectual property rights

Patents granted

Comments, number and date of patent

2013: European patent for the breastfeeding bra 2014: USA patent for the breastfeeding bra This means that this bra is the only bra that holds a patent on the complete concept of the bra; thus not only on a part such as a clasp or a design. This is unique in the world of lingerie. Patent request for pregnancy and breastfeeding clothing. Patent Belgium granted. US and Europe pending.

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for the following partners: - a distributor - an Agent - a licence taker for their brand in European countries and US. The partners could be active in pregnancy clothing, baby stuff and/or lingerie shops, big pharmacy chains or drugstores where they sell breastfeeding bras, chains of multiple brand stores, luxury warehouses. The company is open for different ways of cooperation in order to be able to adapt to the specific way of dealing in the different countries that are targeted.


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