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Açaí fruit pulp manufacturer seeks franchisees/distributors

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A well-known fruit pulp manufacturer based in the northeastern coast of Brazil, produces açaí pulp enriched with guaraná powder and honey and and cupuaçu pulp. They are seeking partners interested in becoming franchisees and/or distributors in their own countries.

Offer description

The Brazilian company has 21 years of market establishment and has several branches in northeast of Brazil. In the past 15 years it gradually became specialized in the production and selling of healthy, nutritious and energetic beverages and snacks, especially in the commercialization of açaí pulp, its main product. The fruits are received as pulp, which undergo an enrichment process, with the addition of guaraná and honey. It is proper for human consumption in all its stages. Both fruits (açaí and cupuaçu) have a very distinct flavour, usually being sold in small, medium and large bowls. People can also choose to add other ingredients to accompany it, such as: fruits (usually sliced banana, kiwi, strawberry), peanuts, powdered milk, celerac regular, honey or condensed milk. All of this makes it a very unique and healthy experience. It can also be sold in a bowl in which half of it is filled with the enriched açaí and the other half with cupuaçu pulp. The products are rich in vitamins and fibre, and have a number of health benefits including reducing cholesterol and working as antioxidants. The product has been sold in Brazil via franchising and the company is now looking to expand overseas. As a result, they are looking for partners willing to become franchisees, which would include rights over the use of the brand's name, logo, marketing material as well as product supplies. Alternatively, they may be interested in a distribution agreement if a large enough importer can be identified.

Innovations and advantages

One of the best characteristics of Açaí is that it has various health benefits: - rich in fibre, thus having a positive impact on bowel transit; - it has a considerable amount of protein, which stimulates tissue renewal and essential to low fat diets; - It has high amounts of vitamins B1 and E - It is rich in iron (great to prevent iron deficiency anemia) and calcium (essential for healthy bones and teeth) Health benefits of Cupuaçu: - It is commonly used as a remedy for abdominal pain; - It stimulates the immune system; - Reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and maintains HDL (good cholesterol) levels; - It is a powerful antioxidant, thus improves circulation, reduces blood pressure and eliminates free radicals.

Current stage of development

Already on the market and seeking to expand overseas.

Technology keywords

08001001 Drink Technology
08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
08001004 Food Processing

Market application codes

05008002 Food and feed ingredients
07003002 Health food
07005001 Fast food restaurants
07005002 Other restaurants

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Area of partner's activity

Partners should have know-how of distribution and setting up of franchises. The product must be kept at a temperature of -18C.


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