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A Russian company specialzed in waste recycling offers a joint venture agreement

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A Russian small enterprise from Lipetsk region has developed a technology for aviculture to recycle poultry waste that reduces utilization and feed expenditures. It seeks for investors to conclude joint venture agreement.

Описание предложения

A small Russan company active in the field of waste recycling offers to conclude a joint venture agreement. A small module plant is working at the moment. However for further project development investments are needed to rebuild operational buildings, launch a plant with more capacity and get a patent. The enterpise will be based on a strategic partnership with agricultural producers. The progect presuposes a long-term lease of premises of 4054 sq. m. in Lipetsk region. The stages of the technology: 1. Determinate species of flies are bred in the insectariums. The larvae of flies are adapted to eat poultry waste (loss of birds, poultry excreta) 2. Flies are fed with sugar and special solutions to increase their amount. 3. As soon as larvae appeared, they are placed in special boxes with appropriate temperature and air humidity. 4. The larvae are fed with loss of birds and poultry excreta which are appropriately processed. The flies larvae are very voracious and grow up quickly. Per first 24 hours they increase in size more than 400 times. 5. On the third or fourth day the larvae are separated from the products of their vital functions and dry them up. 6. Dried larvae are high in protein (40-60%) and are nutritionally balanced and can be easily digested by birds. Moreover, they are high in chitin and melanin that strengthen birds' immunity. 7. The dried larvae are added to feed instead of fish flour and meat-and-bone meal tankage 8. The products of larvae's vital functions are stored and due to the high percentage of ammonia, the mass rot through and ecologically friendly fertilizer appears - zoogumus. 9. Zoogumus ia balanced in mineral and organic matters and stimulates the growth of plants. It increases the plants' immunity and at the same time kills pest insects and causative agents of plants' diseases due to the natural insecticides and fungicides. The harvest increases by 50%, sugar content rises by 8-10%, vitamins - by 10-28%. The loss of harvest during winter storage decreases by 8-10%. In perspective the technology can be applied to dairy production, cattle breeding and other types of agricultural farms.

Инновационные аспекты и преимущества

Battery farms today do not have a technology to take advantage of poultry waste. This technology developed by the company helps to proceed to almost zero discharge system. This technology has never been aplied in Russia and is based on the recycling of poultry waste with the help of flies larvae.

Текущая стадия развития

A small module plant is working at the moment using the waste from a poultry products producer.

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10003 Сбор и утилизация отходов

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08004004 Прочие средства утилизации отходов и борьбы с загрязнением окружающей среды
08004 Средства утилизации отходов и борьбы с загрязнением окружающей среды
09005 Сельское хозяйство, лесоводство, рыболовство, животноводство и изделия для них

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1. Small, medium or large research center or company engaged in "green technologies" and waste management. 2. The partners' role is to provide the company with investments and expertise necessary to launch a waste recycling plant with a high capacity.


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