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The purpose of these services - to promote the development of technological business cooperation small and medium-sized companies and research organizations in Russia and the European Union, leading to an increase in their competitiveness.

Below there are descriptions of the content of services for each of the 3 directions.

The structure and the approach to the provision of designated services in project «Gate2RuBIN» coincide with the structure and approach of the Enterprise Europe Network (Enterprise Europe Network - EEN).

Technology innovation and knowledge transfer

This area includes assistance in technology innovation and knowledge transfer, to enhance technological cooperation between Russian and European SMEs and research organizations

Information and support business cooperation, international cooperation and feedback from SMEs

This area includes services aimed at establishing B2B cooperation between European and Russian small and medium innovative enterprises

Support the participation of Russian SMEs and research organizations in the EU and Russian cooperation programs in science and technology

This area aimed at support in the participation of Russian SMEs and research organizations in the EU program of cooperation in science and technology, as well as in the international program of the Innovation Infrastructure Institutes of the Russian Federation (RVC LLC, RUSNANO, and others.)

What are profiles?

Profile is a form of information on the offered\the requested technology, business or service, as well as the desired cooperation at the interregional and international levels.In a single database EEN - Partnership Opportunities Database (POD) uses 5 types of profiles to find partners:

  • Technology Offer (TO),
  • Technology Request (TR),
  • Business Offer (BO),
  • Business Request (BR),
  • Research Development Request (RDR).

Technological offer written when the client has developed / developing technology and innovation, and wants it to benefit from foreign customers / partners - that is, make technology transfer.

Similarly, a request is made of technology, if the solution of the problems your customer is necessary to find one or more partners who would pass him the required technology or know-how.

If your customer needs partners to expand their business abroad in the framework of its existing technologies and products, the franchise in the participating countries the network or resellers and international distributors, or any other business partnership, not including the transfer of technologies, then it should be part of the business - offers or business requests specifically designed for establishing business partnerships.

The fifth type of profile - a Research Development Request (RDR) - enables customers to take part in European research projects. Under the rules of EEN, these profiles are allowed to do project coordinators to find the missing scientific partners to form a consortium, but not vice versa.


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Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (FASIE)

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Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Supporting (RASMBS)

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