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Swedish company offering dehumidification products seeks distributors

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A Swedish air treatment company designing and manufacturing innovative, energy efficient dehumidification products for all climates is looking for distributors. The company manufactures "smart" desiccant dehumidifiers that effectively removes humidity and odours using a new desiccant patented technology. The partner sought is a supplier within the ventilation or water industry that could collaborate through an agent or distribution contract.

Offer description

This Swedish SME designs and manufactures industrial dehumidification products for all climates using their own patented desiccant technology. This technology prolongs the life of buildings, goods and equipment, and creates a healthier workplace environment to stay in. Today the company has installed over 600 dehumidifiers in 8 different countries. Their dehumidification products are being used within the Water industry, Cultural buildings, (Cold) Storage and Building Preservation in order to prevent damage from humidity. The products have shown to reduce the energy consumption with about 82% by doing a climate control in buildings and water pumping stations. Through establishments of new partnership with distributors and agent contracts, the company now plans to expand their marketshare in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

The products are designed with a patented desiccant technology, a technology that gives the products a number of unique advantages. * These products requires half the energy needed as compared to traditional technology used in traditional dehumidification products. The products offers the same energy efficiency att all temperatures, down to temperatures below freezing and at all levels of humidity. *The products are also easy to install and do not need any (unnecessary) ventilation pipes. They can therefore be used in a larger number of buildings as well as underground. *The dehumidifiers are also "smart" and can work independently to set parameters to be monitored via WiFi or Modbus connections.

Market application codes

08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
08004001 Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

Profile date

01/19/2022 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

The company looks for distributors or sales agents in order to increase its market share. The distributors and sales agents shall be of the following segments: - Establishments engaged in the wholesale distribution of central air-conditioning and Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning units and supplies. - Water industry companies within heating, plumbing, sanitation and metering products and equipment.



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