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Suppliers of automotive parts wanted for distribution network

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With the aim to start and set up a distribution network for automotive parts, a German distributor of automotive parts is looking for partners who are supplying parts für cars, utility vehicles, trucks and buses as well as for industrial and agricultural vehicles. The German company offers the distribution of these products in Europe. Cooperation would be based on supply agreements.

Offer description

In order to start setting up and building a European network for the distribution of automotive spare parts, a German enterprise which has been successfully active in the distribution of such parts for more than twenty five years is looking for reliable and experienced partners who can supply automotive parts and who are searching for respective distribution channels. The German company will buy these products and then sell them in Europe. Cooperation is planned to be based on supply agreements for mainly two product groups. The first product group comprizes engine parts, i.e. all spare parts for motor engines of cars, trucks and buses. The second main product group consists of all parts for the chassis of such vehicles, e.g. wheel suspension, shock absorbers and braking systems.

Innovations and advantages

The German enterprise has one of the largest warehouses for automotive spare parts in Europe. In order to keep up and maintain it's capability of availability ex stock, the enterprise wants to enter into negotiations with respective supplying and manufacturing enterprises. All necessary logistics are operated and managed by the enterprise itself, using it's own fleet of vehicles and freight forwarding.

Market application codes

08003004 Industrial trucks and tractors
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts

Preferred countries

Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Profile date

01/14/2021 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

Suitable partners would be suppliers and manufacturers of automotive (spare) parts in Original-Equipment-Manufacturer quality (OEM) who are interested in starting a long-term cooperation in distribution of their products with an established and experienced enterprise.

Area of partner's activity

The partner´s role would be to supply automotive (spare) parts in Original-Equipment-Manufacturer quality (OEM). The German company will distribute these products in Europe. It wants to start long-term cooperations based on manufacturing agreements.


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