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Polish IT company offers its rental property management software to franchisees and seeks investors

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A Polish IT company offers its rental property management software to franchisees interested in signing a franchise agency agreement and would also like to sign a financial agreement with investors interested in further development of the application or expansion of the product abroad.

Offer description

A company from Poland has developed a software dedicated to landlords, investors and companies dealing with rental and sublease of properties. Currently it is offered in a SaaS model (software as a service) all over the country. The administrator's panel and the panel of the tenant includes: online rent payment service, an option of creating a secure lease agreement based on a proven pattern, management of utility meters status, automatic payment of utility bills, automated and faster debt collection, reporting of breakdowns, troubleshooting guide, calling the professional in case of failure occurrence, quick contact with tenants and possibility of housing evaluation. The software is very popular around Poland, most of the clients come from large cities and are usually landlords renting more than 20 apartments. Due to the fact that it is very successful, the company wishes to go international. Currently, they are seeking master franchisees and franchisees, who would like to enter into agreement in exchange for an annual fee. The franchisor offers the application and full technical support. The franchisee should know local companies offering services connected with maintenance and cleaning of apartments, professional services in case of failures, insurance agents etc. The company would also like to find business partners interested to invest in the further development of the software or in its expansion to other markets in exchange of partial transfer of shares.

Innovations and advantages

It is a unique software accessible both to landlords and tenants, offering a fully automated rental of apartments including even online signing of rental agreement. Most of such e-products on the market are addressed to one party only and do not solve such a number of issues connected to rentals. What is more, it is a very useful tool for landlords, who rent 30-50 apartments. A user friendly panel allows them to manage easily and solve problems quickly.

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Profile date

08/01/2020 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

A franchisee or a master-franchisee can be small, medium or large company from abroad, knowing the local market of real estate and knowing companies providing services to owners, landlords and tenants. A potential investor should be interested either in further development of the software or its expansion into other markets.



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