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Hungarian cement tile manufacturer is looking for distributors to sell its products to interior designers and architects

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Hungarian cement tile manufacturer interested in working with distributors who has good connection to interior designers and architects working on prestigious projects in Europe under a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Based in Budapest, the Hungarian company is producing authentic (Spanish) cement- and terrazzo floor tiles and offers an exclusive collection of encaustic floor tiles and wall tiles, indoor and outdoor. The tiles are expertly handmade using traditional techniques by skilled artisans that ensure a high-quality luxurious end-product for niche commercial and private projects e.g. for restaurants, bars and landscape designs, historical buildings, luxurious homes, museums, etc. They have reconsidered the cement tile design. Their classic and modern patterns, vivid colours and high quality, specially selected raw materials bring new vibrant look to their decorative mosaic and terrazzo tiles. The handmade, sealed and surface treated encaustic mosaic tiles are flossy and durable (for approximately 150 years). Their cement tiles are frost resistant and non-slip. The handmade mosaic tiles tested by a local institution can be used at public places as they comply with the European standards. They are looking for reliable partners to enter into a distribution service agreement, who has connection to architects and interior designers/offices working on reputable, illustrious projects, refurbishments of hotels, cafes, and homes.

Innovations and advantages

- The company has a special on-line designer tool available for their customers to design cement- and terrazzo tiles from the company’s portfolio, compose unique tiles fit to the interior of the building. With this tool and with over 13 years' experience, they can fulfill almost any bespoke brief. - They are also working with clients to create new colour combination, unique shapes and patterns that are then incorporated into the clients’ brand and special design expectations. - The company is producing the tiles themselves (each piece is handcrafted) and has quality control and lean management systems. Their tiles are of an exceptionally high quality and very competitively priced as well.

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07004003 Home furnishing and housewares

Profile date

08/01/2020 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: distribution service agreement Specific area of activity of the partner: The ideal partner would have clients working as interior designers or architects (not only individuals but as designer/architect agencies) who are working on prestigious projects, refurbishments of hotels, cafes, and homes. Task to be performed: Have connection to the key players of the interior design sector who would like to use a custom made product (design cement- and terrazzo tiles from the company’s portfolio, compose unique tiles fit to the interior of the building). Other usual tasks of a distributor in order to find market to the product and boost sales.




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