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Company from Poland producing paper packagings is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of paperboard and cardboard.

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The company from the Eastern part of Poland is a recognised producer of paper packaging, especially boxes designed for documents’ storage. The company is looking for high quality paperboard and cardboard. The proposed form of cooperation is the manufacturing or supplier agreements, however manufacturing agreement is preferred.

Offer description

The Polish company from the Eastern part of Poland, with over 30 years’ experience on the market, including international markets, is looking for manufacturers or suppliers of paperboard and cardboard, which are able to meet the parameters described in the technical specifications. The company has a stable and well-established market position. It specializes in the production of boxes, folders, envelopes, ribbon bound covers. The company is looking for all size companies, which can offer certified paperboard and cardboard and which are additionally interested in establishing long-term cooperation, preferably under the manufacturing agreement.

Innovations and advantages

1. The company has been on the market for over 30 years and has a very stable position. 2. The company has a portfolio of both Polish and international clients recognised world-wide, representing documents storage sectors as well as food sectors. 3. The company was awarded for being one of the most dynamically developing SME in Poland.

Technology keywords

02005004 Packaging for materials

Market application codes

09004006 Packing products and systems

Profile date

09/30/2019 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

The company is looking mainly (but not exclusively) for an SME with experience in the international cooperation. However, bigger size companies or those, which haven't been involved into the international business cooperation but can offer products meeting the requirements, are also welcomed. Manufacturing or supplier agreement is proposed form of cooperation, yet manufacturing agreement is preferred. Expected quantity per year is about 50 ton the quantity will be doubled in the following years, if the quality is proved to be well and the cooperation works well. Terms of delivery are to be determined but own delivery is possible. Long-term cooperation is the target. Paperboard and cardboard offered must: - have the ISO 9706 certificates (certificate must be presented to the company), - be made out of 100% pure cellulose, - have the white colour, - have the pH > 7.5, - have the alkaline reserve > 0.4 mol/kg, - have the Kappa number < 5 (this is very important), - guarantee water absorbency: Cobb60 < 30 g/m2, - be of grammages: 240, 300,350,400 450 and 800 g/m2. PAT certificates (Photographic Activity Test) are aditional advanatge.


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