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A Romanian company is offering software specifications for fleet management based on a subcontracting services agreement

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A Romanian company is offering cloud-based software specifications for fleet (cars, vans, trucks, coach bus, city bus) as well as construction equipment operators, agricultural operators and rolling stock operators management.This solution provides an innovative system for maintenance operation tracking and cost allocation, unique and powerful tyre management solution and driver simple mobile application. The company is looking for partners to offer subcontracting services agreement.

Offer description

The Romanian company offers a software solution to any company that owns and operates a fleet of vehicles or equipments and who wants to move from a time-consuming activity to a flexible and reliable way of controlling the fleet. The product is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any type of computer. It supports multi language and multi branch operation. Enterprise version can be customized to follow up the customer flows. The company offers customization services and as well maintenance, training and support service for its applications. Building the solution from field expertise brings valuable information to all fleet professionals that want to streamline their work and really be in control of their budgets. The Romanian company was founded in 2017 and is specialized in development and implementation of fleet management software. The modern and flexible fleet management software can be adopted by fleets (cars, vans, trucks, coach bus and city bus) as well by construction equipment operators, agricultural operators and rolling stock operators. Industries that can benefit from the company's solution: - Goods transport - Passenger transport - Leasing - Rental - Municipalities - Farming - Construction - Warehouse operators - Waste management - Rolling stock operators The main features of the product are: 1. Vehicle database (all technical details, financial data, attachments, inventory). 24x7 secure access to equipment maintenance history from any browser. 2. Maintenance cost registering (purchase order flow, live dashboard, automatic email sending, workshop feedback registration). 3. Leasing contracts management with reminders. 4. Insurance contract management with reminders. 5. Rent in and rent out contract management module – covers the basic needs of a any rental company. 6. Tyre management (serial number follow up, remaining tread recording, all operations registering). Maintaining a full audit trail of tyre life and track costs for a better cost/km solution. New and used stock (winter/summer tyres) follow up and management. 7. Suppliers management (general data and contact data, service level agreement). A secure connection, allows 3rd party workshops to provide real time updates of work completed. 8. Maintenance plan (maintenance plan creation per brand and equipment type and automatic alerts based on the predefined parameters. 9. Cost codes allocation. Unique system of coding the technical group for exact cost allocation regarding exact maintenance expense analysis. 10. Toll box and fuel card management. 11. Drivers – general data and specific human resources data. Set reminders for important dates like license renewal and medical tests. 12. Recall campaigns management. Never miss manufacturers recall campaigns and internal campaigns. 13. Damage management – all damage case information in one place. 14. Traffic fine – database and analysis. 15. Driver mobile APP - Assisted Pilot Project (breakdown request, maintenance request, damage reporting with pictures). Everything is integrated in application and decisions that can be taken based on priority. 16. Alerts (due dates for contracts, insurance, leasing, inventory, planned maintenance). 17. Reporting (total cost of ownership, forecast maintenance operations, forecast tyre consumption, maintenance cost, reliability of equipment, downtime report, different key performance indicators and custom reporting). The application supports different authority level users (manger, fleet manager, driver) and 3rd party users like external workshops.

Innovations and advantages

The product is different from the existing competition by three major features: - ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) structure that allows modules interconnecting while using the same database. Truly complete solution for any type of fleet, including fleets with own workshop. The solution is made from three modules, that are flexible enough to work also independently: fleet management, tyre management and workshop management; - Innovative system for maintenance operation tracking and cost allocation will enable the fleet managers to evaluate objectively the performance of vehicles, tyres and suppliers; - Unique and powerful tyre management solution, dedicated to HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicle) fleets. The software gives fleet independence from suppliers and manufacturers; -Driver simple mobile app for defect/breakdown reporting and integrated recording mechanism.

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01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01004008 ERP - Electronic Resources Planning
01004011 Maintenance Management System

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02007007 Applications software

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01/13/2021 12:00:00 am


Type of partner sought

The Romanian company is looking for partners based on a subcontracting services agreement. The partners sought can be fleet owners (cars, vans, trucks, coach bus and city bus) as well construction equipment operators, agricultural operators and rolling stock operators. The industries that can apply the company's product are: - Goods transport - Passenger transport - Leasing - Rental - Municipalities - Farming - Construction - Warehouse operators - Waste management - Rolling stock operators



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