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DMEA Digital Business Meetings 2020

On the ocassion of DMEA 2020, Europe´s leading industry event for healthcare IT, the Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg will host an international digital partnering event, the "DMEA Business Meetings", which will take place at the Exhibition Grounds Berlin. This event has been designed as a partnering platform offering an opportunity to meet potential partners for new business and R&D projects. Representatives of companies, universities and research institutes offering or requesting innovative solutions, investigating new collaborations and searching for adequate project partners will get a great opportunity to discuss their ideas face-to-face in the pre-arranged meetings with the international experts of interest. Please register here: https://dmea2020.b2match.io Registration is possible until the day of the event


Cluster-to-Cluster Meeting & Innovat&Match Brokerage Event 2020

ART-ER organizes its first online brokerage event Innovat&Match 2020: three days of bilateral meetings between clusters, universities, research centres and companies in the framework of R2B - Research to Business 2020, 15th edition of the International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Skills for Innovation.   The virtual event is organised by ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory in cooperation with the Emilia-Romagna Enterprise Europe Network partners of the SIMPLER Consortium.   The initiative promotes the creation of technological agreements, research projects and transnational collaboration between researchers and entrepreneurs.   Innovat&Match is the crucial networking spot for R2B participants where they attend bilateral meetings, present and discuss possibilities of transnational cooperation and technology transfer on cross-sector topics.   The online meetings will take place over three days the 10th, 11th and 12th June. - The first day (10th June) will be dedicated entirely to Cluster-to-Cluster matchmaking, - whilst on the second and third day (11-12th June) a wider range of participants (companies, universities, research centres and clusters) will be taking part in 1:1 meetings within the framework of Innovat&Match 2020.   R2B | Research To Business 2020 explores Innovation scenarios for Growth. Innovat&Match 2020 Brokerage event, at its 14th Edition, is the tool matching offer & demand of innovation applied to 3 main topics:



This brokerage event is organized in the frame of the conference - panel discussion - WOMEN AND MEN IN CONSTRUCTION IN DANUBE REGION and beyond - International brokerage event and panel discussion. Both events will be organized on-line due to the circumstances caused by Covid-19. The brokerage event is organized under the umbrella of the Women entrepreneurship sector group of the Enterprise Europe Network and supported by the Enterprise Europe Network sector groups in Sustainable Construction and Intelligent Energy, with the main focus on women-owned SMEs from construction and related sectors. The main organizer and initiator of the event are Institute “Mihajlo Pupin“. Also, the Association of Business Women in Serbia provides huge support in the organization of the event, B2B in particular. The main goals of this brokerage event are: - to find business partners in South-East Europe and wider Danube region, - to make business cooperation, and internationally promote the potential of female companies in Construction and related sectors. - to break through the regional barriers, and widen possibilities for business cooperation between women-owned SMEs throughout Europe. promotion and strengthening of cooperation between men and women-owned SMEs in construction and related sectors. Firms owned by men are also welcome and encouraged to take part in the event. This event would bring together women entrepreneurs from South-East Europe to learn from their EU counterparts also because the part of the program is devoted to the presentation of successful women-owned SMEs from other countries.   This brokerage event is an ideal opportunity to make contacts and to boost international cooperation between mainly female companies. The brokerage event will enable participants from different sectors to meet potential business partners in pre-scheduled meetings. Companies will also have the possibility to present themselves to the most interesting firms during the B2B sessions.


Biobased Economy Conference - Virtual Edition

The German federal Ministry of Education and Research called out 2020 to be the year of Bioeconomy. A good reason to organise our fourth edition on Bioeconomy - this time virtual!.   Like the previous conferences the format is supposed to bring actors from all disciplines and sectors together to (further) develop new biobased value chains for biobased products. The focus in 2020 will be on the element of circularity. After all the bioeconomy approach is not sustainable necessarly since even renewable resources can be wasted. Therefore best practice examples as well as relevant keynotes and interactive formats shall explore the feasibilities and pitfalls of a circular bioeconomy.   Bioeconomy + Circularity = Sustainability -  Going in circles means leading the way


Russian-Bulgarian Business Forum: “Bulgaria as a Bridge to the European Union”

Industrial Center of the Republic of Bulgaria in Moscow organises Russian-Bulgarian Business Forum «The Bulgarian Business Day in Russia: “Bulgaria as a Bridge to the European Union” » jointly with the Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support which will take place on April 20, 2021. The Bulgarian enterprises interested in cooperation in the following fields: 1. Industry: mechanics, machine tools and equipment, working equipment - loaders and cranes, hydraulic systems, spare parts suppliers. 2. Agriculture - dairy and beef cattle breeding. 3. Light and food industry - fruit, vegetable and meat conservation. 4. Export of products to the EU and Bulgaria through Bulgarian commercial structures The participation of companies from other relevant, innovative economic sectors and activities is also considered. The programme of the event contains: • Presentation on the topic: «Why to choose Bulgaria — or How to do Business in Bulgaria». The presentation is made by Center of industry of the republic of Bulgaria in Moscow • Presentation on the topic: «The development of infrastructure of supporting small and medium Russian enterprises in the context of the development of a European Enterprise Support Network» • Presentation of the investment capability of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation • Presentation of Bulgarian enterprises • Presentation of Russian enterprises • B2В-meetings between Russian and Bulgarian participants (according to previously declared interests) • Consultations on entering the market of Bulgaria and the European Union • Consultation on registration of a legal entity in Bulgaria • Consultations on the acquisition of the status of a resident of the Center of Industry of the Republic of Bulgaria


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