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The Slovak company, active in the field of mechatronics and electromechanics, is looking for cooperation via manufacturing agreement and for investors in the long term

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Slovak company, active in the field of electronics, mechatronics and electromechanics, is offering its production via a manufacturing agreement or subcontracting for companies which want to diversify or extend their product portfolio or want to start their business in Europe. In a long-term, the main goal of the company is to find an investor who would like to buy all the factory and buildings and will continue the current production assortment or will start the production of new product lines.

Offer description

Slovak company started their entrepreneurial activity in 1992 like a full private entrepreneur subject on the market of electronic production. In present age, this company offers rich experiences for their customers in logistics of production, purchase, sell and in transport. The Slovak company is realizing the assembly of electronic and electro-mechanical sub-assemblies based on client's requirements: - installation of electronic assemblies, - installation of mechatronic assemblies, - planing of printed circuit boards, - setting, - testing, - final control. The Slovak company is offering the manufacturing of remote controlled underwater devices intended to be used: - in hydroelectric power stations and hydroelectricity dams, - within the rescue works, - for the inspections of underwater objects, pipelines, drilling platforms, - for diving, - for fishing, - in nuclear power plants, in flooded mines. Devices for distribution of TV and radio signals: The Slovak company is producing, installing and selling components for reception and distribution of television and radio signals: - home and track amplifiers, AV modulators for TV cable distribution, - radio transmitter and receiver for TV cable distribution, - elements for small TVs (amplifiers, hubs, mixers, filters, etc.), - elements for common TV antennas (amplifiers, hubs, mixers, filters, etc.). The company is looking preferably for a long-term cooperation - the owners of the company want to sell the company shares to the potential investor - they are looking for potential investors (via acquisition agreement), which want to invest in Slovakia to their production factory with the target of higher effectivity of the production. On the other hand, the Slovak company offers also the free production capacities via the manufacturing agreement. In a long-term, the main role of the partner who this Slovak company is looking for would be to buy all the factory facility and building of the Slovak company with the target to continue in actual production assortment and ideally to start the production of new products for customers in Europe or in the world. For this investment project, the Slovak company is offering serious and respectable personal contact. The first step in this investment could be start of the further cooperation on the base of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement - the Slovak company is offering its free production capacities. The company is looking for finalization of the investment via acquisition agreement as a long-term target depending on good experiences in the relationship with the partner.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantage of the company is the own development and the upgrade of their products to the technology "internet of things". Development team of the company is in the process of the finalization of the innovation of all of their products in the branch of the design and of the production technology. The Slovak company produces many parts by the use of 3D print technology. The company wants to start the production of metal 3D printing. At the same time, company wants to innovate the production in the branch of the mechatronics assemblage by using the new electronics components and new technology bases. To the advantages of the Slovak company belong the long term (25 years) experiences in mechatronics, electronics and electromechanics production branche, serious and respectable personal contact and the own production hall. The company is certified according to the EN ISO 9001:2015.

Technology keywords

01002003 Electronic engineering
01002010 Printed circuits and integrated circuits
01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
01006009 Signal Processing

Market application codes

03001007 Circuit boards
03004003 Other electronics related equipment

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Type of partner sought

Type: company - industry, investor Field of industry of the partner: mechatronics, electronics, electromechanics production, but the company is open for other fields, too. The role of partner: In the long-term: The main role of the partner would be to buy factory facility and the building of the company. The target here is to continue in actual production sortiment or to start production of new product for the customers in Europe or in all world. In this first step, the Slovak company plans the cooperation with the foreign partner via manufacturing agreement or via subcontracting. The next step could be finalization of the investment target via acquisition agreement depending on good experiences from the start of cooperation.


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