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Romanian aquaculture farm from West Region offers its fish processing and sturgeon growing facility for acquisition

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A Romanian company developed a sturgeon farm in 2007, its first sturgeon culture reaching maturity in the summer of 2017. In 2014 the company extended the farm with a processing factory. Various fish species, which can be brought in fresh or frozen, from other sites, can processed in the new facility. The company is looking for experienced partners interesting in procuring the farm and adjacent factory. The client is open to gradual investments before full acquisition is complete.

Offer description

The Romanian fish farm, located in the proximity of large urban area in West Region of Romania, was established in 2007. The first sturgeon were brought at the farm from a Black Sea area in 2008 reaching now maturity level. The current fish population consists of: • Sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser Ruthenus) • Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baeri) • Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedti) The farm is developed on 16,656 square meters, including: • 1 administrative building • 4 x drillings for water supply • 5 halls of 3.370 square meters containing 108 tanks in different shapes supplied with water from the 4 drillings - 1 hall for incubation and artificial reproduction (finished and populated) contains: 2 incubators and 3 growth independent systems for post larvae sturgeon of up to 3 months, 2 photo-thermic treatment systems and 28 pools reserved for growth of juvenile sturgeons up to 12 months, 4 pools with a capacity of 38.5 cubic meters and 2 pools with a capacity of 22.9 cubic meters each for brood-stocks. - 4 halls for fish growing • 3 external pools (of 600 square meters each) with own filter installation each: one is dedicated to sturgeons from own culture before processing, while the remaining 2 can be used for imported live fish for processing. • 1 technical building for heating, water treatment, air conditioning and water filtration/re-circulation • 1 deposit and repair shop The farm has the following capacities: - production between 50-150 kg fish/m³ water, 200 tons/year - roe production up to 2,4 tons/year With the current fish population within the farm, estimates for commercialization for the period 2017 – 2024 are as follows: • Sterlet Sturgeon: offspring/juvenile live stocks (3 to 12 month) – average of 10,666 pieces / year for the first 3 years and 8,000 in the next 5 years, meat 9,000 kg per year in average; meat resulted from caviar harvesting – 4613 kg / per year in average, caviar – 814 kg / year in average • Siberian Sturgeon: offspring/juvenile live stocks (3 to 12 month) – average of 6,400 pieces/ year, meat 3360 kg per year in average;, meat resulted from caviar harvesting – 5755 kg in 2018 and 2019 and 5,255 in 2024, caviar – 1,016 kg in 2018 and 2019 and 927 kg in 2024 • Russian Sturgeon: offspring/juvenile live stocks (3 to 12 month) – average 0f 6,400 pieces /year, meat 3,360 kg per year in average; meat resulted from caviar harvesting – 3551 kg in 2023 and 4,554 kg in 2024, caviar – 620 kg in 2023 and 804 kg in 2014 Quantities can be increased since the current occupation level is at 61 % of farm’s capacity. The remaining capacity can also be used to accommodate other fish species temporarily, before processing. In parallel with growing the sturgeon population to maturity, the company invested in the creation of a processing hall (1600 square meters) for processing own fish products but also from external sources. The processing facility is now finalized and has a capacity of up to 900 tons/year (fresh and refrigerated, semi-preserved and frozen products). The newly developed factory has all necessary equipment for processing of live, refrigerated or frozen fish: acceptance (conditioning and storage), preliminary processing (electrical stunning, 2 lines of semi-automatic scaling, decapitation, evisceration and washing), filleting (de-boning, chopper grid for the small bone, rings slicer line with 6 working stations), salting, smoking (there is a separate slicer for smoked filets) and maturing (in marinade). The resulting products can be packed refrigerated in vacuum, frozen or in ice boxes. The company also owns one insulated vehicle for transport of frozen and refrigerated fish products and one vehicle for transportation of live fish. The company is now looking for partners interested in buying the farm and processing facility. The company is open for a gradual acquisition.

Innovations and advantages

The Romanian company has expertise in sturgeon farming and can support the client with all technical details and support regarding its sturgeon culture. The farm is designed to accommodate numerous fresh water fish species: • Catfish (Silurid Glanis), African catfish (Clarias Gariepinus); • Sturgeon: sterlet sturgeon (Acipenser Ruthenus), beluga sturgeon (Huso Huso), Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstaedti), starry sturgeon (Acipenser Stellatus), siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baeri); • Salmonidae: Trout, Chars; • Zander/pike perch (Sander lucioperca) • Cyprinidae: Carp, grass Carp silver Carp etc. Furthermore the company has all necessary equipment for breeding to sustain new cultures. They have already successfully reproduced sturgeon, cyprinidae and plans to reproduce other species are detailed. Overall production capacity is between 50-150 kg fish/m³ water, thus 200 tons of fish /year and up to 2 tons roe /year. The brand new factory, on the other hand, is equipped with latest equipment for processing various fish products (fresh, refrigerated and frozen fish meat, marinated and smoked fish products, and caviar). The processing capacity is up to 900 tons/year (fresh and refrigerated, semi-preserved and frozen products). The aquaculture farm is situated 10 km away from a major city in west part of Romania, and 104 km from the border, with easy access to road, train and inland waterway transportation. Thus, potential partners interested in extending their market could benefit from ready-to-use growth and processing facility as well as raw fish supplies for start point Furthermore, the company is operating on the market since 1992, and thus can provide support to partners in getting acquainted with different legal, financial, labor requirements in Romanian environment. Additionally the company can support partners in establishing a business network in Romania.

Current stage of development

The company is also actively contributing to national and international re-population programs in Danube and other rivers.

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Type of partner sought

The company is now looking for investors interested in acquiring the farm and processing facility. Potential partners could be other aquaculture farm owners, or owners of fish and caviar processing facilities willing to extend their production capacities. Partners are expected to have knowledge and experience in various fish products and established commercialization networks worldwide. Partners shall be granted immediate access to the facility and will be fully supported by the Romania company in setting up operations. The partners will also gain full access to the existing fish / caviar production of the company, which shall be ready for commercialization in the middle of 2017. Also partners would have the possibility to bring live/ refrigerated/ frozen fish from other growing sites. The company is open to discuss the terms of the acquisition to suit investor’s needs in the early stages in order to support the partner fully integrate with local regulations and processes, and gradually sell all shares to the concerned partner.


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