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French company involved in mechanics is looking for subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

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French company specialised in mechanical technics, offers subcontracting and manufacturing services to industrial companies mainly involved in automotive, aerospace, metal parts, mechanical fields. Their specialties are mechanical welding, laser/plasma cutting, oxygen cutting, machining, painting, installation, assembly, studies, bending.

Offer description

French company, since 15 years, located in a microtechnology and mechanical area, is the partner of companies for the development and production of their industrial technical parts. The company offers highly experienced subcontracting and manufacturing services to European and international companies. Co-design, production, quality control, logistics and transport: each step is approached with the highest level of expertise. From design to production, this efficient operational structure allows its clients to offer optimized solutions, always delivered with respect of the deadlines. Quality of the productions and of the services, customized solutions, flexibility in response, on-time production and delivery, the company is committed at all levels. All their sites are classified ISO 9001 version 2000 or 2008 or 2015. Each site also has special qualifications, for instance railway ISO 1585. Their welders are qualified. They meet all their clients' quality requirements with WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) – WPQR (welding procedure qualification record), welding book, raw material certificates, control report on surface, thermal, etc. In constant development and innovation, the company may offer benefits completing and gathering additional operations.

Innovations and advantages

An international presence with 7 specialized production sites: since ten years, the company has established an international network involving centers of expertise with complementary knowledges in France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain. Not only to get good quality products, always competitive in terms of price, customers who come to them, don’t need anymore to multiply suppliers. They mutualize their purchases with a single multidisciplinary interlocutor with the security of working with a French company. All employees of this company share a strong base of technical training in order to accurately answer to all types of requests, from the small machined piece to complex steel subassemblies and large structures used in construction for instance. Their teams work regularly with their clients’ design offices to offer them solutions that are better suitable to their specific needs. The French company is a member of the « Véhicule du Futur » pole. Labeled « pôle de compétitivité » since 2015. The objective is to create a cluster of companies, university and R&D specialists for finding the best practices for the future vehicles and transport solutions in the respect of environment. It also takes part of a cluster linked to energy in its area: "Vallée de l'Energie". The company has 2 own production units in France and in Poland.

Technology keywords

02002008 Jointing (soldering, welding, sticking)
02002010 Machining (turning, drilling, moulding, planning, cutting)
02002012 Mixing (powder, etc.), separation (sorting, filtering)
02002015 Surface treatment (painting, galvano, polishing, CVD, ..)
02002018 Microassembly, nanoassembly

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)

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Area of partner's activity

Tyoe of partners sought: Industries in all sectors, particularly automotive, transport, aerospace, mechanics, which seek laser cutting / folding / sheet metal processing, welding, machining, painting, tolery, mechanical welding, complete sets (production + assembly), assembly services, are sought for subcontracting and manufacturing services, offered by the French company. Their role: The future partners will have to send plans, models, all information to discuss the possibility of manufacturing of subcontracting on their own sites. The company is looking for industrial companies which want to cooperation under manufacturing and subcontracting agreements. The French company wants to work as a subcontractor or a manufacturer of European or international SME's or big groups, in a reliable and in a long term collaboration, according to their specifications, plans, drawings and special requests. All agreements are signed under confidentiality agreement.


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