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Bosnian manufacturer of lubrication and cooling pumps is looking for trade intermediary and subcontracting activities.

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The Bosnian company manufactures lubrication and cooling pumps for the automotive industry (more than 60 years of experience). It offers a wide range of engine oil and water pumps for trucks, buses, tractors, industrial and other engines. Its pumps are used in engines of reputable world manufacturers. The assortment also includes spare parts kits, gear wheels, gray cast etc. The company is offering its products on the external market through subcontracting and distribution agreements.

Offer description

Bosnian company is from metal and automotive parts sector based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established in 1954, and current number of employees is 300. The company manufactures following automotive parts for commercial vehicles (heavy duty): oil pumps, water pumps, spare parts kits, gears and shafts. Other activities include: mechanical parts and assemblies, single and serial production, production of housings and toothed elements for machine tools, tractors, gear boxes, agricultural, commercial mechanization and other vehicles, standard gear box program, thermal treatment. Current production capacity is up to 25.000 pumps in a month. The company is capable of developing pumps and gears based on customer request and demand or given sample. All tools required for production of initial samples, zero and serial production is made in house including clamping tools, tools for casting and other. This gives the company the opportunity to respond quickly when changes are requested. Its foundry subsidiary manufactures gray cast and nodular cast products in weights of 0,5 to 300 kg, housings, covers and impellers used in oil and water pumps, as well as covers with frame, sewer and drain grids, garden program (benches, tables, poles), brake pedals for trains etc. Production is based on the manufacturing of castings via machine and manual moulding. Foundry’s annual capacity is up to 2.000 t, and the production of casts is done in electro-induction furnaces. They are interested in cooperation through subcontracting activities - it offers its capacity as subcontractor. Through subcontracting, potential business partner could outsource casting and processing of castings, manufacturing of mechanical parts and assemblies, serial production, production of housings. The desired outcome of international partnership is full employment of production capacities and gaining access to new customers and markets. Also, they are interested in finding trade intermediaries to assist in the distribution of products to new customers.

Innovations and advantages

There is the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina that was awarded the certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and the first automotive company with ISO 14 001. It is also awarded the ISO TS16949. Their primary markets are outside Bosnia & Herzegovina, primarily Germany, Turkey, Italy, Egypt, UAE and others. It exports more than 95% of its production to five continents. It supplies OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) as well as aftermarket. • Their labour force is very skilled, since knowledge and experience in the sector is passed on from one generation to another. • The company invested a lot in the last period in modern equipment and improvement of its technology and processes. • Know how is acquired through 62 years long tradition and experience in the automotive industry, including specialized knowledge of design, product, production, quality assurance, market. • Their products are of great quality – which is confirmed by good reputation and current projects with reputable world manufacturers. • The company operates with a wide range of products (over 350 items of oil and water pumps). • There are able to cast its own castings and to develop new products very fast. That makes the company flexible and able to adapt to customer needs.

Market application codes

08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)

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Type of partner sought

The partner is expected to be a manufacturing or trading company, preferably with experience in trans-national co-operation. Potential partners should be from following fields of activity: production or distribution of automotive spare parts, engine production or assembly, manufacturing of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, tractors, industrial machinery). Potential partners should be OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or their suppliers, as well as aftermarket. The potential partner should outsource the mentioned products, in the frame of trade intermediaries or subcontract agreement.


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