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An Estonian manufacturer in a field of DIY (do it yourself) is offering distinctive timber buildings and garden pavilions and is looking for exclusive agent or distributor

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An Estonian manufacturer of distinctive timber garden pavilions in a field of DIY is looking for exclusive agent or distributor, who has the local market knowledge, experience and a vast sales network. Their target markets are Scandinavia, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Japan.

Offer description

They started in 2016 in Tartu County, Estonia when the construction of the new building with design studio, development department and production area was completed. They produce very special high standard, distinctive from mass production timber buildings for gardens and public usages: pavilions, small houses, sheds, shelters, corner cabins, children playground, etc. They use curves in their designs which have great structural properties and ensure more natural fit. All garden houses and shelters are designed by a qualified team of designers. Their product design really stands out from more conventional structures with the inspiration coming from nature, modern architecture and natural curved environments. Now they offer 4 different models of small timber buildings. Some new models are under the development. Their main target customer are- gardeners, older people whose children have moved away from home, families with children, entrepreneurs and creative people. The field of application is leisure and creative activities (social gathering, private retreat, yoga, meditation, dining, listening to music), home office. They also do the simplest private label products and looking forward to these queries as well. The company has consciously implemented design management and product testing in their development processes, the latter undertaken for years in Estonian climate with its four very different seasons. These tests determine the necessary weather and structural resistance of the wood for varying conditions. The company has already exclusive partners in the United Kingdom and Finland. Now they are expanding their activities and looking for exclusive agents and distributors worldwide but especially in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Japan. Their mission is to become an internationally known creator of innovative small timber buildings. They are a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Innovations and advantages

- The main difference between so-called ordinary houses is their design (they are using not originally rectangular but curves); - Using of the glue panel framework makes the houses very durable and strong; - Their products are creative, eye-catching, distinctive, durable, and practical and also easy to assemble by every customer (2 people are required for assembly and it takes approximately 1-2 days), with the help of user instructions; - Product design patent- all company designs are registered in intellectual property office; - Brand is registered as trademark; - Company´s founders are professional designers with unique experience in wood construction and production; - Product catalogues will be adapted in local language and marketing activities (advertising in web, outdoor, print, BTL- event marketing in cooperation with partners organizing client days and supporting in advertising design) to promote sales; - They have been selling garden houses, distinctive timber buildings and structures to various countries; - Continual efforts to develop and improve the production system and staff awareness; - 8 years warranty for laminated timber frame and 5 years for regular wooden details; - They provide FSC certified Nordic timber.

Current stage of development

Technology keywords

03010 Household Goods & Appliances
11009 Creative products

Market application codes

07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

Preferred countries

Denmark, Iceland, Japan, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland

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Type of partner sought

An Estonian manufacturer of distinctive timber garden pavilions in a field of DIY is looking for exclusive partner (agent or distributor), who has local market knowledge, experience and a vast client database or sales network. Company supports exclusive agents and distributors with marketing activities and materials. Catalogues will be adapted in local language, advertising in web, outdoor, print, BTL- event marketing in cooperation with partners organizing client days and supporting in advertising design in order to promote sales together with distributor. Company is currently looking for partners from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Japan.


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