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A Turkisk company professional in synthetic packaging’s, bigbag and producing different types of sacks seeks distributors and commercial agents in Europe.

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The Turkish company mainly deals with packages like big bags and producing different types of sacks, selling, importing and exporting. The company do business with industry, agriculture, construction, service and mine sectors as a supplier by prioritizing the quality and consumer satisfaction. They are looking for potential partners for a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

In 1989,The Turkish company started the activity in order to provide engineering service, since 2012 they also started the activity in packaging sector. The company raw materials that comply with standards are taken into production line. Tape yarn production is made by high speed,also fibrillated fibers with requested features are made. The company fibers that are produced on fiber line are put through endurance tests and the appropriate ones are sent to the shuttle looms. In loom control unit, fabric production settings can be adjusted per customer request. The company fabrics are wrapped in beams. In wide-width weaving looms, hooded and consolidated circular fabric up to 250 cm can be produced. Than fabrics get laminated in requested features according to the use area with extrusion principle. After being processed in weaving, print or lamination, the fabrics are cut the planned sizes. After cutting process, the sacks are put through a one or two layer bottom-stitch work, where the high-endurance fibers made by the company are used. In order to enlarge its market share, the company is l looking for potential partners for a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement worldwide, importers and agents around Europe that can promote its products to the large-scale distributors circuits and to the retail trade.

Innovations and advantages

The evolution of this company has been marked by a constant enhancement of the production process, investing in eco-friendly and low consumption technologies. All products have been launched only after accurate studies and tests. The entire production chain is regularly checked and assessed by a qualified analysis laboratory. The company has high quality employees with long term experience in synthetic packaging sector. We are able to recognize and select high quality products followed by European standard. Each product is carefully investigated and we can assure our partners with clear results by providing them analysis report or give a sample for their own investigation. Company's competent team are ready to assist you with any question or query.

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner could be a SME specialized in distribution, import or wholesale who is interested in promoting and selling the company’s products and for manufacturing agreement the foreign partner should be a company who require manufacturing of big bag and different types of sacks.


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