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A Czech company producing wooden furniture, wooden boxes, toys and other equipment is looking for distributors of its products and is offering subcontracting or manufacturing agreement

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A Czech joinery specialised in production of various wooden products as wooden boxes, toys, containers, chairs, furniture parts and wooden preschool equipment is looking for distributor. The cooperation based on subcontracting or manufacturing agreement could be discussed as well. The company is offering wide range of customised high quality wooden products in small as well as in the large series.

Offer description

The Czech family company was established in 2004. From beginning is specialised in custom production of different wooden products as wooden boxes, chests and container, toys, promotional items, wooden chairs, tables and other preschool equipment. The company would like to expand its market presence by engaging in a long-term cooperation with foreign partners. Therefore it is offering the cooperation under distribution services agreement. Distributors should be companies that supply wholesalers, advertising agencies, tea and coffee producer etc. Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: distribution of the company's products. The company is offering cooperation based on manufacturing agreement or subcontracting as well. This form is directed to kids furniture producers or any company that are looking for wooden products or wooden parts deliveries. The partners are searched in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden or United Kingdom. Main products range includes: - Wooden boxes, chests and containers produced from solid wood, plywood, medium density fibreboard (MDF). Boxes are suitable for tea, chocolate, wine, coins, gifts, promotional items and other products. - Gastro equipment - products for catering, hotels and restaurants (menu stands, presenters, coasters, cutlery holders). - Promotional items - sales displays, stands, holders, business gifts, promotional items and corporate gifts, items for company or product promotion. The company is offering burning, ultraviolet (UV) printing, or laser of company logos and brands. - Chairs - the company is offering its models of children's chairs or can start production of new designs according customers requirement. The chairs are produced from solid beech wood, steam moulded wooden seat and backrest. They are ergonomically designed for optimum posture support and comfort. They have scratch resistant varnish, strong, glued, screwed and pinned construction for heavy school use. - Small furniture, furniture parts - furniture parts, furniture legs, chair frames made from wood.

Innovations and advantages

Czech company specialised in custom production of different wooden products is offering additional services as screen printing, UV printing, laser or burning. The company also has its paint shop, offers a wide range of lacquers, shades of stains, different types of paint, waxing, oiling, etc. Company offers also production of smaller series. Main advantages: - Use of modern technologies - Custom production of any wooden product - Production of smaller series - High quality products - Competitive prices - Wide range of products and services

Technology keywords

03010 Household Goods & Appliances

Market application codes

07004005 Furnishing and Furniture

Preferred countries

Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, Sweden, United Kingdom

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Type of partner sought

Potential partner for distribution services agreement: - companies distributing school and preschool equipment (wholesales, stores with kids furniture, retailers) - tea and coffee producers, wholesalers, distributors - gift and present wholesales, distributors - advertising agencies Potential partner for subcontracting or manufacturing agreement: - kids furniture producers, furniture producers - any company looking for wooden products or wooden parts subcontracting


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